Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Cincinnati Zoo

With my first birthday comes a new opportunity for me, JC. I get to ride front ways in the car. This is me smiling because I now get to watch the Backyardigans.

The first place I rode in this car seat was the Cincinnati zoo. It took a long time to drive there but it was very worth it. Look how close I was able to get to the giraffes.

My dad got to feed the giraffe an extra large triscuit after my sister, M, became a little shy.

Later on we got to see a white tiger. But with all the hills at this zoo, both my sister and dad's blood sugar was running low. You can see they are both disinterested.

To fix the problem we went to the Gorilla Cafe. Instead of waiters, peacocks roam around and bring you your food.

With our new found energy we managed to go see the lions that Siegfried and Roy use. Don't we look less grumpy after eating?

It was a fun trip to the zoo and with the Backyardigans playing again the trip home didn't seem so bad!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Birthday Present

My parents got me a neato present for my first birthday from a yard sale. My mom says there is no thrill better than finding exactly what you were looking for but at a reduced price. It also comes preassembled this way too! Yes it is a swing set that is my size. Here you can see M is a well-adjusted big sister and is pushing me in my awesome present. No jealousy monster here!

I studiously watched my sister show me how to use the slide.

Then I gave it a whirl. Oooffh! I need to work on my landing!

Here I practice my driving so that I can get my Power Wheels permit for the summer!

Can't wait to see what my 2nd year brings!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Little JCs Birthday, Birthday

After the morning festivities that were posted yesterday, the evening brought a fabulous party. Look at the cup-cake-cones that my mother made for me!

Here I am accepting my first birthday cake. This only happens once and I am glad that I could share this moment with all of you.

That cup-cake-cone never stood a chance. The doctor at today's one year appointment found a sprinkle up my did that happen?
My sister, M, and her friend, B, also liked the treats. Mere seconds after this photo was taken M's head bobbed and she disappeared. She reappeared later to finish her cupcake and then "I Dream of Jeannied" away again!

After cleaning myself up, I snapped this shot with my current girlfriend, S. We are going to be trying the long-distance thing starting next month when she moves to Minnesota, but no one will ever be able to take what we had away from us!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Morning!

Goodness gracious! I had forgotten my birthday until my breakfast was brought to me!

What did I think of the pancake? This video tells the story....

What better to wash down pancakes than my first cup of cow milk. I am not sold on the bovine product yet but I was polite enough to smile for the picture.

Some balloon animal friends joined me this morning courtesy of my crafty dad....

And I got to open some of my birthday cards hand-delivered by the postal lady!

My party is tonight and I cannot wait. Check back for an update on everyone's favorite one year old!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

With my little brother turning one, I, M, figured it was time to do some growing up. This was me just a few short days ago....

A little maturation is needed, don't you think? Who better to model myself after than my dear mom? Here you can see my breakfast habits have changed, as I enjoy a bowl of Wheaties and some very diluted orange juice.

I also now wear my hair back and read books of merit such as "Left to Tell". No more "Georgie and the Robbers" for me!

Finally, I notice that my mom spends a lot of time reading to my brother and I. Here I show that I am just as competent as her while I read my brother a story.

On second thought, it is more fun just to be me! Back to causing trouble!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

New Skills

Hi there! I, JC, am only eight days away from my first birthday. Before I turn one, though, I have some new skills I would like to share with you. For long time fans of this blog, you may remember my sister's love for musical cards. I would like everyone to know that they are one of my favorite toys too. In the movie below, you can watch me figure out how to open one. Notice how proud I am at the end.

I am also getting close to standing as the next movie shows. In addition, you can hear me start to pseudo-talk. Would I like to hear the Brown Bear book....?

Yes. Yes I would.