Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Age Comparison

Just six days after she was born, M sleeps here in a wonderful outfit that was a bit loose on her. Look at that full head of hair!

Here M is held by her mother that same day. What a cute outfit. Why on Earth are we posting pictures from early September?!?

Because now we flashforward to the modern day. Here M uses her extremely long arms to take a picture of herself. My how she's grown!

Utilizing her parents to take this shot, M poses for a photo with her favorite toy. The outfit has been there from day 1 --- and now seven months later, the outfit is hanging tough. You'll notice its still a bit loose!

Easter Bunny

With M's first Easter fast approaching, we took advantage of Anthony-Thomas' free tour. Here we are standing in line outside the chocolate factory. The other golden ticket winners are in the background.

After getting inside, M plays it cool as we photograph the secret inner workings of a chocolate factory. She points to the vast containers of peanut butter that The Famous Buckeyes candy are made from!

In the background, workers pound butter into cream to make butter cream. In the foreground M has just filled her diaper. In between, J is gleefully unaware.

Finally, M was able to visit the Easter bunny at the end of the tour. Here she held an Easter egg for the first time. Moments later she threw it at the ground and her parents stole her candy for the first time.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Dance Moooves!

Channeling her inner NKOTB, M tells the audience that "step by step...oooh baby...she's going to get to you!" B watches approvingly.

M has watched enough early hip hop music videos --- look! She can "lock it up"! B watches approvingly.

Showing her cosmopolitan flair, M reproduces the signature move of Michael Flatley from his magnum opus - "River..Dance!". B watches approvingly.

M appears pleased with her collection of dance moves. She'll release her first dance video sometime in the fall after her book is published. B watches approvingly.

Sitting Up!

Earlier today, M sat up on her own for the first time. Later in the day, her friend B came over to watch and learn. Despite being a month younger, B is both twice as tall and twice as heavy as M. Below M demonstrates her new ability for the camera as B observes.

Jealousy overcame better judgement and with an open hand B gave M a "love tap".

The results are evident below. B's forward momentum kept moving her forward and M began to cry.

Never fear, all bridges were mended and the two are still great friends. In this picture, B wrapped her arm around M while M struggled to hold up B's huge bulk. BFF!!

"Psst! Hey B! Why's she still taking pictures of us?"

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

M and Peas

Yesterday M had peas for the first time. After a few bites she made a hideous face and tried to hide from the approaching spoonfuls. We gave it another go tonight and she did better. Late in the game, however, she started wiping her mouth and, in the process, spread some of the peas elsewhere.

Notice the squiggly bangs which are styled using pureed sweet peas - she is trying to start a trend!

Lo and behold, it did get worse. The last few bites she spit out into her hand and elbow crease and then spread them just about everywhere.

After a bath, she was back to normal. Hopefully, the third time with peas will be the charm!

M did have an exciting weekend a few days ago and got to meet many members of her extended family. When pictures arrive, they will be posted -- until then these will have to do!

Friday, March 2, 2007

Last Day

Today is Friday, March 2nd. And the entrance to the original Wendy's Restaurant has the following sign on the door:
Wendy's started in downtown Columbus in 1969 in honor of Dave Thomas' daughter. Her 6' by 6' portrait hangs on the wall inside the restaurant. A picture is a thousand words in this case.

The combination restaurant/museum even has a bronzed potato given to Dave for his
To celebrate the 38 wonderful years in Columbus, we decided to go visit the Wendy's and partake in burgers and Frostys. In this shot, Livia said I looked like Chunk's friend from the Goonies. I couldn't decide which was colder---the comment or the Frosty and so I have on my "thinking face".
The wisecracking Livia is pictured with B - notice the gigantic cheeseburger built into the wall.
Right before we left, we took a family picture in front of an ancient uniform worn by Wendy's employees. Also, you can see that M, indeed, was there with us. There were approximatly twenty men walking around with cameras taking pictures. One guy even bought a full size tripod and camera bag. The pose pictured below was the shot everyone was taking.
It was a rainy night that befitted the funeral of a treasured American icon. Pictured is Maya and me walking off into the distance - never again to set foot in the...Original Wendy's.