Friday, June 29, 2007

Action Jackson

" Well....are you going to push the button?" M demands!!!

M is an active baby and it has become difficult to take still photographs. Here, someone has pressed the button on her doggy friend. This causes M to wave and laugh excitedly.

This past Thursday, M's mom threw a brunch party for some of the local ladies. This photograph shows all six kids scurrying around the living room. 4 moms are not pictured. Can you find M?

On Thursday, M got a present from family in northern Virginia. In this photo, M quickly unwraps the gift.
M laughs as she realizes it says "Little Firecracker". M's dad feels vindicated after the March Radford Taboo debacle.
We hope no one got motion sick looking at the blurry photos. Thanks to all the moms whose kids provided a backdrop for M.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Rude Habits

M has picked up a few rude habits over the past few weeks. The first one developed when we visited the Olentangy Indian Caverns along with M's family from Northern Virginia. Not more than two steps after arriving in the depths of the caves, we all heard a hacking sound. In the dark we heard M's mom confirm that she had thrown up all over including on B. Two claustrophobes (including the writer) rushed to take the baby away. B refused and took the baby (and the camera incidently) leaving us with no pictures of below.
We did snap this picture after coming back outside. You can see all relationships have been repaired and that M's vomit dried clear ( no stain on the shirt). The guy on the left had a splitting head ache and wasn't too talkative.

Another rude habit she's developed is the ability to blow raspberries. Anytime she hears anything resembling such, even on the phone, she responds. If you get into a raspberry fight with her, we promise she'll win. In the photograph below, M has combined her raspberry with hand motions to give a somewhat tasteless expression for the camera.
Finally, M's last rude habit involves removing her diaper and running in the nude. Below, one can see the removed diaper and M running off to play with toys.
This wouldn't be a problem if M eventually put the diaper back on, but this photo taken several minutes later show her still involved with the exersaucer. Modesty doesn't come naturally.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Musical Prodigy

After learning that Van Halen's biggest hit "Jump" came when Eddie tried out the synthesizer, M uses her musical table to pump out some tunes. The picture below shows her singing the chorus of "Livin' on a Prayer" by Bon Jovi.

A positive reaction from the peanut gallery has her looking back to her audience with a self-satisfied expression. Is it too early for a greatest hits CD?

Before the CD, she needs to go on her first tour! Here M has crashed after a late night concert in Vegas opening for Barry Manilow.

After the success of her first concert, M chills out at the Venetian in Las Vegas by the pool.

But just to show you how quickly life changes in the fast lane, this picture was taken not too long after. Her bandmates have decided on different career paths. A on the left wants to paint, and B in the middle wants to star in kung fu films. It's a crazy world out there---so M decides to go back home.

M's dad is so happy to have her back home. He sings "We've got to hold onto what we've got!" Success in the music world is temporary - but family is forever! Sorry.

Monday, June 18, 2007

M watches TV

M doesn't want to take a nap. But she's tired from playing with the diaper and bottle that lie behind her. What else is there to do now that she's running low on steam?

Why watch TV of course! Wielding a remote control that is half her body length, M decides to find a suitable program for her viewing pleasure.

M grimaces at she turns on the TV. Her father has left it on the 80's music channel AGAIN! For the fifth time in a little more than a day, it is playing Hall and Oates "Private Eyes". Would it kill them to play a little Martika?

Finally, after what seems like ages, she chances upon an episode of Sesame Street. Mission accomplished.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Welcome Back

M welcomes you back to her blog.
She appreciates your interest despite the three week layoff. She promises she'll be updating more often - so don't forget to check!

The updates will be more frequent because M has acquired a new skill. She will reiterate her skills you were previously familiar with. First, M shows that she can feed herself whatever is in range of her arms.

Next, M shows that she can also yell and cry.

Finally, M shows that she can watch and learn.

What new skill does M have? She can crawl!
Now that she can crawl over to the computer, she can update whenever she pleases without waiting for her parents to move her!