Sunday, May 30, 2010

Everyone gets what they want....

Everyone has something that they want more than anything. For me, JC, I wanted a cupcake. And a rainbow - colored cupcake at that....

My sister, M, wanted to have no cavities for her first visit to the dentist and an awesome new tooth brush. Both of her dreams came true....

And my beautiful momma wanted to see her beloved Avett Brothers in concert. Here is a shot of her with her cabana boy before the concert.

And here are the Avett Brothers themselves. The one on the left is adopted.

My dad just wanted to meet someone who was a lousier dresser than himself. The man on the right from the opening act qualifies. Not seen in the picture are the combat boots with thick black socks he also wore.
You see! In the end, everyone gets what they want!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

McLean Day

I, JC, had my birthday a short time ago. My parents threw me an awesome party and invited the whole town! Here you can see my sister, M, pictured heading down an octopus slide sponsored by the local orthodontists.

Not willing to be one-upped now that I am two, I climbed all the way to the top on my own...and slid right down.

They also had a train that drove around. I love the choo-choos so I couldn't pass this up.

Why are we laughing? My dad told us this joke as he ran alongside the train...Knock knock! Who's there? Señor! Señor who? Señor underwear Mr. Conductor!

We got to ride dragons that moved kind of slowly....

So my sister jumped on the "Bounty" and rode it the rest of the afternoon!

In the end my parents 'fessed up. The party wasn't for my birthday at all. It was McLean Day...the biggest bash north of Pimmit Hills and south of the Potomac River! Oh well, I still got to ride all the rides, right? Thank you McLean for celebrating my birthday in a memorable style!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

JC's Second Birthday - Part I

My birthday this year was a true celebration. It spanned multiple time zones and states this year! But, as with all my birthdays thus far, it started with a breakfast of pancakes. Who turned two? It's me!

My parents asked me what I wanted most for my birthday. I responded that I wanted to take a trip to VA to play with Gram's train set. Not an hour later, we were on the road and heading to the Old Dominion. They had a party ready for me there, too! Look at this awesome cake. I remind everyone who it's for...Great Grandma is so jealous of my cookie!

And it tasted good too!

After cake comes the presents. I have become much better at tearing open presents. Look at me open this present to find namesake trucks - "Chuck".

The cake, presents, and my hand, foot, and mouth disease did me in. Luckily, Aunt JKC bought me an awesome Backyardigans couch. We look like walking advertisements for Pepto!

With the end of my birthday came our return to the Ohio. I tearfully left Gram's train set and got into the van, ruing the day. When we got back I found that I had received another present - my very own train set. Here it is pictured with all my loot!

I quickly slapped on my conductor outfit for an added effect. Who wants to ride the choo-choo?

Thanks for all my presents and giving me a happy birthday!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Eatin' Park

Hi there! My mom said we were going to a place called eatin' park in Cincinnati. I became more excited when I heard we were stopping by Ikea to find my dad a chair. Alas, Ikea had no chair tall enough for my dad's back. But we took advantage of the cafeteria to eat just enough to whet our appetite for eatin' park! When we got there, we were all a bit underwhelmed...

What?!? No food...just idyllic, possibly edenic views. Oh! Eden not eatin' park! Well then, let's look at the views!

After so much walking, though, I became hungry. I had saved room while at Ikea in preparation for the feast. Wait! Over there!

Nuts! Those ducks got to the bread before I could! Well, I guess they did look hungrier...

At least Eden Park had all the water I could drink!

It was a fun trip, but by the time we left Cinci, I was starving. Luckily we made it to a DQ on I-71 for the perfect capper - chicken fingers!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Haircut Numero Dos

I'm sorry to report that this post will not be as catchy as Mambo Numero Cinco. As it were, though, a haircut is pretty big news. I, JC, am just about two and this is only my second haircut. My first experience at Disney World was really nice, but given the sheer beauty of my hair, I couldn't go back to a barber. This time I went to a stylist at Distinct Design Group as a tack-on to my mother's appointment. Here is my new do. Notice my Pablo outfit!

Everyone celebrated my new hair-do in different ways. My beautiful momma made bread. Notice the thick layers of melty cheese sewn into the doughy bread.

My sister, M, wanted to go to Chik-fil-a to celebrate. After eating her momma's bread, though, she was way to full. So, instead we found her an awesome new dress - Espirit!

Finally, my dad helped us celebrate by taking us to the Batelle Darby Creek Metro Park. With my shorn hair, I was really able to appreciate the views afforded to us by the chance sunny day.