Friday, September 21, 2007

Working Out

The answer to last post's question can be seen below. Thank you to Jack for answering!

I have a new talent! I can walk! However, I am still new at it so I'm a bit wobbly. In order to strengthen my leg muscles and build up my endurance I have started to use the treadmill.

After a few miles, though, I usually become tired and grumpy so the smile above is replaced with the sour look below.
Then I remember that all this training will come in handy during all-day adventures in Disney World!! Thanks Grandpa!
I think Travolta stole my look!!
I'll be out of town for the next week and a half visiting relatives so posts will be few if at all over the next couple weeks. Just wanted my fans to know that I hadn't forgotten them...I'll be back!

Sunday, September 16, 2007


After being stopped last week by the $7 dollar parking prices for the Tomato Festival of Reynoldsburg ("Birthplace of the Tomato"), we decided to head west and check out the Air Force Museum in Dayton, Ohio, which is free. Below is M and her pop in front of a C-47. Although, M looks comfortable, she actually wasn't in this position very often.

Instead, she wanted to push her own stroller. This is how we moved through most of the museum and let it be known that M cannot steer!

We decided to have lunch early (Does that sound like us?) in order to beat the rush. We ate at the reasonably priced Air Force Cafe. Dad chose a double cheeseburger, Mom chose a Jr. Hot Dog, and M chose a flourescent pink strawberry ice cream bar. That counts as a serving of fruit, right?

After lunch M soon fell asleep. Here her mom is photographed in front of a large plane that has a clam-shell opening front where cargo can be loaded. These planes are REALLY big.

At the museum they also had a B-2 Bomber. We thought it looked like a space ship/UFO.

Before we left, we stopped by the plane which M's great grandfather flew in WWII.

Here's another shot of the plane. Pop Quiz! What plane is this? No family members are allowed to respond. The answer will be posted soon!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

What do you mean it's the wrong chair?

My Great Grandma and Grandpa Meacham's generous gift allowed me to buy my first pair of pajamas. No longer will I have to sleep in the baby "burrito"!

Here I am riding frontways in the car for the first time thanks to my Grandma and Grandpa Carpenter. Facing forwards has allowed me to see just how slow my dad drives -- he should just keep the hazards on at all times.

Although I'm not a princess, I often feel like one in my new princess chair from Aunt J. The experience is heightened when you throw in a cold cut of turkey.

I love my new walker from Grandma and Grandpa Clemmer. My engineering dad covered the front with upside down duct tape and now I combine vacuuming with exercising.

Given my young age, I was a bit confused after watching the video "Learn to use the potty". My parents explained that there were several types of chairs and I was not using the correct chair for this purpose.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Birthday Party Post Cake

Sometimes after you eat a lot, you need a big hug if only to aid the digestion process. Here I give my mommy a hug and spread the "love" all over her shirt.

After noticing the chocolate stains on her South Dakota Fanning T shirt, my mommy decided it was bath time. I willingly jumped in because any time we have a bath we get to go out to some place fun....

So we went to the zoo. Here I ponder the philosophical question: I had to take a bath and get clean to look at the stinky elephants?
With everyone in town we decided to attend the park with the gigantic bug statues. You can see in the photo below that my dad is a ham. And not the yummy kind from the can. All of the statutes were hand-built out of natural materials by an artist who specializes in, you guessed it, gigantic bugs. Lucky for us we managed to go to see the bugs only a few days before the show ended when the artist ritually sets fire to all his bugs and burns them to the ground. Kind of like Guy Fawkes Day...but in Ohio.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Birthday Party Cake

Eyes on the prize...eyes on the prize...

Urgh! Next year I won't eat the candle first. This is a big donut....maybe I should take a break.

Take a break and try on some hats!

You try and steal a bite and I'll slap you upside the head.

Oh yeah...don't try to wipe my face---that's being saved for later!

Happy Birthday to me!!!!
Thank you for all the wonderful presents and all the wonderful visitors I received. Love you all!

Birthday Party PreCake

Wow! So many people came to help me celebrate my first birthday. Friends from the neighborhood and family from Northern VA came. With so many people it was difficult to find a seat. Luckily, no one else can sit in my Mom's lap.

My first purse matches my dad's car. 15 more years and my accessory will match my wheels!

Sippy cups are juvenile and for babies. I am a toddler now.

Alright!! Someone bought me glow sticks which are going to bring the house down at my dance party later.

Sometimes at birthdays you receive gifts that the giver likes better than the receiver. My aunt really likes the High School Musical card that plays a duet between Troy Bolton and Gabriella Montez.