Sunday, April 27, 2008

Feeling Zooper

My parents said they wanted to take me out on my last day trip as an "only" child. I presume in a few days I will become the "one and only" child. Anyways, I chose the zoo. Early Saturday morning we packed up and headed out. The first place we went at the zoo was the barnyard section. This way I could see the same animals that I practice the sounds of so often. Here I am pictured in front of a sheep.

With the rain falling steadily, and the cacophony of animal smells my parents failed to notice my not so little "problem" until I had completely soaked through my clothes. I guess it was a few too many bananas for breakfast. The next place we went after the barn was the bathroom.

Whoops, I had tainted everything I was wearing including my jacket. Good thing my mom brought a jacket. In an effort to save the trip my mother went to the gift store and my dad and I headed to Asia. We saw lions and tigers and elephants. By that time my mom had returned with a new outfit for me.

Dressed once again and with the weather looking brighter, it looked like my mom had succeeded in saving the trip. Below, you can see my dad and I enjoying the fishies in the aquarium.

Seconds later, I made this face.

And then minutes later we were back in the bathroom after my second outfit destruction of the day. Back at home, my smiling mom holds up the bag of shame that we got to carry as we left the zoo.
The trip was a success in my view, because as I see it, my parents would be crazy to have another kid after I managed to turn an innocuous trip to the zoo into a poo-filled trash bag. I'm pretty sure I'll be the "one and only" for a while longer.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Evening with Dad

Bonzer! My mom left for a party leaving me with my dad for the evening. Do you know those commercials for McDonald's where the kids are excited because dad's making dinner (i.e bringing home McDonald's)? My life is exactly like that except instead of bringing home McDonald's my dad makes Van de Camp's XL Fish Sticks! They are definitly one of life's small pleasures to me!

After the seafood dinner, I was stuffed to the gills! So I invited my dad downstairs to watch a Sesame Street DVD. Fish sticks and a movie! I'm a lucky girl!

Truth be told, though, I missed my momma. I was only pretending to be happy to make my dad feel less inconsequential. After an hour or two I could hold back my sad feelings no more!

Once my momma came back, I was beyond excited. Unlike my dad who only feeds me healthy things like fish sticks, my momma occasionally feeds me a jelly bean! Moms are just more fun!

Beware! New Mexico is coming in only 3 and a half weeks as evidenced by the shot above!

Monday, April 14, 2008

They sell furniture at Ikea?

This past weekend my dad said we were going to Ikea. Ikea!?! That's from Sweden! I had been to Sweden before (see Feb 10th post "Swede and Low") and I knew that a large ocean seperated us. I quickly found something that could carry me across the Atlantic and proudly wave good-bye to America.

No need to sail, Ikea has opened shop in the state of Ohio and so the whole family drove down to West Chester. Once there - to my chagrin - we headed for the cafeteria. My dad proudly displays his meatballs. I sure hope he knows they sell furniture.

Lately, I had been getting a strained neck from working on my lap top at the adult table. A trip to Ikea would provide an excellent chance of finding an inexpensive table and chair set built for my height.

After his ninth plate of meatballs and his fifteenth glass of Lingonberry Soda, I was unsure if my dad planned on exploring anything but the cafeteria. I tried my best to stay positive, however, my dad's eating has left me without an appetite as seen in this picture.

Well the trip didn't turn out as expected. We spent the entire afternoon in the cafeteria and when we got home all I had managed to grab was this bag of utensils. I glumly look them over as I change into my pajamas for bed.

The next morning after going to church, I noticed something new in a part of our living room. It was Latt - my new Swedish friend. Unbeknownst to me, my dad ate enough meatballs to qualify for their Vanlig Matsmältningbesvär (Frequent Indigestion) club. The club's membership came with a free gift. My dad had chosen the Latt table and chair set for me. What a nice dad!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Tunak Tunak Tun

Oh the plight of my poor mom! My new teeth were coming in this past week and I cried in pain for several days. No medicine would work. Well, no medicine you can buy at a pharmacy...I would only stop crying if my mom played Daler Mehndi's "Tunak Tunak Tun". Below you can see two things: 1) me not crying and 2) my mom struggling with deciding which is worse - endless Daler Mehndi or my wailing!

One day during teething my dad came home and heard the familiar beat. His heart had also been stolen by Mehndi's eloquent, lyrical poetry at some time in the past and grooving soon commenced. In related news, I had been inspired by seeing the movie "Girls Just Want to Fun" with a young Helen Hunt and had been conducting dance-offs with my dad. The winner would get a handful of Cookie Crisp. My dad had won three dance-offs in a row and I was getting suspicious. Before he got started in this one, I patted him down to make sure he wasn't using any illegal enhancers in his legs!

You can never be too careful with Cookie Crisp at stake!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Easter Part III: Egg Hunt!!

My friends and I had an Easter Egg hunt after church. My dad said he filled one of the eggs with a 100 Grand. That's alot of money! No more motivation was needed and as soon as the whistle sounded, I was off!

I started off strong as can be seen below:

Everything was going fine...wait a second!

Thinking I saw the Easter bunny, I dropped my bucket and began the chase!

I cornered him behind the bush.

But right before I took his picture my mom called me over for a group photo! What terrible luck!

By the time the group photo had ended, the Easter Bunny had made his escape.

Oh well...

And someday we'll find him,
The Easter bunny,
My daddy, my duck basket, and meeee!