Friday, December 30, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like a C Christmas....SM version

Every two years around Christmas, the whole C clan descends on a small town (Martinique) in sleepy Florida.  We always eat at the same places...

And sleep in the same rooms....

But this time, someone new came...little SM!

SM's first trip to Disney World involved a lot of sunglasses and stoller riding...

She loved Disney Junior Live...

And got to meet her cousin DC and her Uncle W for the first time...

She experienced her first Dunkin' Donut courtesy of Pops...

Her trip ended with a meeting with Daisy Duck.  Everyone look at the camera...SM?  SM?  Oh well, I wouldn't take my eyes off a 5' duck either!

SM's favorite ride (no pictures) was Pirates of the Caribbean...those guys are a riot!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

SM Is a Crawler!!

SM successfully crawled today.  She is now a mobile threat to whatever food you drop!

Start vacuuming...

Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Nutcracker

Hi there!  I, M, became the living embodiment of a candy cane for my recent dance recital.  Here I am limbering up before my show!
Here is my dress rehearsal.  I am the third entry from the left.

This grainy video does only partial justice to the poetry in motion (not to be confused with research in motion) that was the real show the next day.
I did so well, that I got a flower and my dad got a pizza!

Friday, December 16, 2011

The Cutting Edge II

Week 2:  For those who wondered what happens when JC and M let go of the cones....
2014 - Socci, Russia - we'll see you there Van Waldenburgs!

Friday, December 9, 2011

The Cutting Edge

Approximately twenty years ago a fantastic movie was made.  It was called 'The Cutting Edge' and starred the imitable D.B. Sweeney and Moira Kelly.  Sadly, the movie is wildly outdated given it's pre-internet, pre-bagel bites, and pre-pajama jeans time frame.  This updated movie will take place in LA (not that LA) and two unknown actors, M and JC.  The movie begins with the two unhappy stars unhappy with the partner that has been fated to them!
At their first practice, poor M can only stare into space as her coach (notice gratuitous Nordiques hat) tries to think of how to reach her.  "I can't skate with this goon!"  she shouts to no one in particular...
With her back turned, the coach focuses his attention on JC as he relearns to skate after a hit during ice hockey left him in a "Regarding Henry" mode with regards to winter sports.
As in all movies, the pair which seemed such a poor fit, soon find their relationship legs during dates that begin by working in the kitchen...

And ending in bags of multicolored popcorn!
M has seen the merits in a man who cannot skate, but can wear checkered shirts matched with corduroys.  With renewed vigor, they are back on the ice and preparing for the 2014 Winter Games in Sochi, Russia. 
M and JC win the gold medal over the brother-sister pairing of Fairchild and Stranz Van Waldenberg in a huge upset.  They then become spokespersons for  Everyone is happy.  A problem arose during filming, however.  The film stills above appear to indicate that JC and M are world-class skaters.  That is not quite the case, as this leaked behind the scenes video suggests...
Good thing the Olympics aren't until 2014, because it will take at least that long for the two to learn how to skate!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Decking the Halls!

The magic C camera did not make the Thanksgiving trip to Utah.  We were, therefore, unable to take pictures of the massive amounts of people, turkey, or pies.  Just take our word for it.  Upon our return home, we notice a single eye poking through the was our camera which had been eagerly waiting for our return!  We soon put it to use taking pictures of our initial attempts at decorating our house.  Decorating will be a multi-night affair in our house.  JC spent the first evening in his underwear vacuuming up the dropped pine needles...
The tree then began to be ornamentalized thanks to the tag team of a pantsed JC and a M!
Even SM got into the act!  Although she mainly just kept things slobbery until needed...
As the night grew late and the large predators came out, SM stood up!  On her own!  And then moved to the chair!  Oh Ho!  Look at our stop action photography below...


Sunday, November 20, 2011

Shoot Miss Agnes!

Shoot what?  A photo shoot!  Confident in his ability to take a picture of small children, as he can take pictures of small atoms, my well-meaning dad tried to perform a SM photo shoot.  Here is his first attempt - and his first lesson.  What you are wearing can distract from the photo itself!
'Fine', he said, 'we'll switch outfits AND poses!'  Lesson number two involved waiting for the subject to smile first.
'Atoms are so much easier to photograph!  They are happy no matter the orientation!  Let's hire a professional."  My patient and beautiful momma had won a victory.  'I think I have a phone number for one right here...yes, yes I do.  I'll call immediately because I think she has an opening this afternoon.'  And the official photo shoot soon began courtesy, not of Miss Agnes, but of Miss M.
In a few seconds, a new outfit, a delightful pose, and WA-LAH!  A great picture!

Not willing to cede total control of photograph memories to a five year old, my dad has stated his intention to be official food photographer.  The food dresses and poses itself.  If it is made by my beautiful momma, all the surroundings look happy too.  Banana Creme or Porcupine pie?  Depends on how you like your Neil Diamond.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Panera's in NM and Denver is in CO

A few days before heading to Denver, a co-worker asked my dad whether he would be hitting the Panera.  My dad said, "No need!"  My beautiful momma had made all the Panera anyone could possibly require.  Can you say home-made bread bowl!?!

My brother JC asked to save his for breakfast in the morning.  Amazingly, in the LOE's dry air, his bowl becomes more permanent by the day.  Perhaps in a month it will be dishwasher safe?  That is another story, though.  The trip to Denver commenced on a Thursday, but the most interesting part was the free museum night on Saturday.  The museum had dinosaurs you could touch...


and dioramas.  This one had llamas in it.  My beautiful momma asked us to look like llamas caught in the headlights of a Peruvian automobile.  How did we do?
The weekend was great - even if you couldn't tell by our appreciable lack of encouraging photos.

Friday, November 11, 2011

This time, it's actually Halloween

The week of Halloween is still going...strong!  On Halloween day, I had a parade at my school.  Here I am with my sixth grade buddy.

Then we did the trunk or treat.  This witch made me nervous - Where is the good witch?

Then we walked around the neighborhood trick or treating. 

We got a lot of candy.  Here is my brother with his - notice the movie box of Reese's and the two full size candy bars.  That's a lot of pirate booty!

And here I am with mine.  Can anyone guess who sorted all the candy?  The hint I will give you is that it wasn't SM!

Saturday, October 29, 2011


Here in the wilderness of the northern LOE, we start celebrating Halloween a week early.  Why?  Because it is the northern LOE and we need to stretch our holidays out!  Word!  Here is a picture of the pumpkin patch.  Sadly, our pumpkins were not purchased at the patch because they were expensive Texas pumpkins.
It was discovered that little SM has a strong dislike for pumpkins.  Look when we started to cut our pumpkins!
The rest of us had more fun cutting the ... pumpkins.
JC was more pensive, but finally stuck his hand in.  His overjoyed response, "it feels like slimy!"
Here is our finished product.  We only lost two fingers between us!

Next it was Trick or Treat on Main Street.  It was our second one!  Look at our wonderful costumes!

Judy Garland just looked at my Toto carrying purse and got a bit jealous.  Here we are on the town.
SM went as a cold, hungry baby.  Actually, under all that garb - she was Little Miss-chevious!
Happy Pre-Halloween!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Lamest Balloon Fiesta, Ever!

Ah yes!  The LOE has a famous balloon festival.  So famous that they advertise it on one of their two license plates.  My dad even witnessed hundreds of hot air balloons floating over the city on his way to Albuquerque on the Monday of Balloon week .  He even witnessed one crash just off to the side of the interstate.  Buoyed by his wonderful experience, we headed down the 25 for Thursday's Glowdeo.  While we waited for the weather to clear, I became a balloon pilot.

Check back in ten years and my beautiful momma will be making the same face in the passenger seat of the car. 
Oh no!  The Glow-deo was cancelled!  Good thing we are spending the night in the ABQ.  We can see the ascension tomorrow!  They did inflate one balloon for us - well almost.
In the time it took us to walk closer...
After a not-so-refreshing night that involved all of us kids having some sort of bowel problem we awoke and headed towards the festival grounds.  Everything looked great.  Visible are several inflated balloons.

Wait....did you hear that?  Are those gray clouds?

There goes the neighborhood.  :(

That lasted all of ten minutes. 

The next morning back at the 'Rock' we witnessed the balloons taking off in HD .  The weatherman said "it's beautiful here, come on down to the festival grounds."  He was cut off when my beautiful momma threw the tv through the window!

Maybe next year...