Sunday, November 22, 2009

Decorating for Christmas

Hi there! Last Thursday we went to the Columbus Zoo lights show! I had to dress up warm. Here you can see my usually svelte body inflated by three layers of clothing! My sister is so weird...

Whoops! We made it to the zoo, but without spare camera batteries. This shot was the only one we got - which was four fewer than the number of dollar Brauts my dad ate.

The show inspired me to decorate our house for Christmas. Look at all the boxes we had to take out!

Given the sunny, warm conditions outside, I had my sister decorate the windows to make it feel more Christmasy. Here is a shot she took of her work. What nice holly leaves!

My sister decided to name the tree Dolphin. As I was walking around Dolphin, it fell over for no reason (I might have pulled it). Here is a shot of what I saw laying on the ground with the tree on top of me. Oof! That tree really whacked me - Dolphin must be short for Dolph Lundgren!

Despite the tree-felling accident, the final result was worth it! Look at our beautiful tree!

(Props to Aunt J and the M clan for all the cool toys under the tree!)

Saturday, November 14, 2009

M's first word was banana...

Hello there! After many months of communicating via the written word, I, JC, have finally managed to say something...

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Rescue Aunt K!

Oh no! Aunt K is lost somewhere in COSI! It was her first visit, and she quickly became disoriented deep in the bowels of Columbus' leading science museum. Her new husband, Uncle B, was quite worried so he hired a couple of secret agents - namely myself and little JC to find her! First things first - we had to get to COSI from our secret lair. My helicopter license came in handy here.

My brother and I showed extreme caution after landing. We quickly disguised ourselves and then waited, motionless, for a few hours to case the joint and look for anything suspicious.

It appeared after some time that nothing dastardly was going on. The museum was filled with mid-westerners eager to learn more about science. JC and me left our disguises and began to look for the missing Aunt K. JC checked the ball ramp.

Watching his little legs walk gave me an idea! I could cover far more ground on a set of wheels. I had Uncle B, who was now hysterical, help me requisition one of the bikes on display.
Nothing was found!. So JC then checked the fountains with Aunt JK...

And I checked underwater in a submarine with my dear Mom.

After traveling several hours underwater, we came up for air near an island. Guess who was on the island? It was Aunt K! We spent some time looking at the giant birds that inhabit the island....

And then we headed back to COSI where I performed a full medical check-up to make sure she was okay.
Uncle B was very happy that he had his bride back. He asked how he could repay us while on the helicopter flight back to our lair. We said we were simple people who only needed milkshakes! He took it a step further and bought us McRibs, too. Thanks for visiting Aunt JK, Aunt K, and Uncle B.