Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Decking the Halls!

The magic C camera did not make the Thanksgiving trip to Utah.  We were, therefore, unable to take pictures of the massive amounts of people, turkey, or pies.  Just take our word for it.  Upon our return home, we notice a single eye poking through the was our camera which had been eagerly waiting for our return!  We soon put it to use taking pictures of our initial attempts at decorating our house.  Decorating will be a multi-night affair in our house.  JC spent the first evening in his underwear vacuuming up the dropped pine needles...
The tree then began to be ornamentalized thanks to the tag team of a pantsed JC and a M!
Even SM got into the act!  Although she mainly just kept things slobbery until needed...
As the night grew late and the large predators came out, SM stood up!  On her own!  And then moved to the chair!  Oh Ho!  Look at our stop action photography below...


Sunday, November 20, 2011

Shoot Miss Agnes!

Shoot what?  A photo shoot!  Confident in his ability to take a picture of small children, as he can take pictures of small atoms, my well-meaning dad tried to perform a SM photo shoot.  Here is his first attempt - and his first lesson.  What you are wearing can distract from the photo itself!
'Fine', he said, 'we'll switch outfits AND poses!'  Lesson number two involved waiting for the subject to smile first.
'Atoms are so much easier to photograph!  They are happy no matter the orientation!  Let's hire a professional."  My patient and beautiful momma had won a victory.  'I think I have a phone number for one right here...yes, yes I do.  I'll call immediately because I think she has an opening this afternoon.'  And the official photo shoot soon began courtesy, not of Miss Agnes, but of Miss M.
In a few seconds, a new outfit, a delightful pose, and WA-LAH!  A great picture!

Not willing to cede total control of photograph memories to a five year old, my dad has stated his intention to be official food photographer.  The food dresses and poses itself.  If it is made by my beautiful momma, all the surroundings look happy too.  Banana Creme or Porcupine pie?  Depends on how you like your Neil Diamond.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Panera's in NM and Denver is in CO

A few days before heading to Denver, a co-worker asked my dad whether he would be hitting the Panera.  My dad said, "No need!"  My beautiful momma had made all the Panera anyone could possibly require.  Can you say home-made bread bowl!?!

My brother JC asked to save his for breakfast in the morning.  Amazingly, in the LOE's dry air, his bowl becomes more permanent by the day.  Perhaps in a month it will be dishwasher safe?  That is another story, though.  The trip to Denver commenced on a Thursday, but the most interesting part was the free museum night on Saturday.  The museum had dinosaurs you could touch...


and dioramas.  This one had llamas in it.  My beautiful momma asked us to look like llamas caught in the headlights of a Peruvian automobile.  How did we do?
The weekend was great - even if you couldn't tell by our appreciable lack of encouraging photos.

Friday, November 11, 2011

This time, it's actually Halloween

The week of Halloween is still going...strong!  On Halloween day, I had a parade at my school.  Here I am with my sixth grade buddy.

Then we did the trunk or treat.  This witch made me nervous - Where is the good witch?

Then we walked around the neighborhood trick or treating. 

We got a lot of candy.  Here is my brother with his - notice the movie box of Reese's and the two full size candy bars.  That's a lot of pirate booty!

And here I am with mine.  Can anyone guess who sorted all the candy?  The hint I will give you is that it wasn't SM!