Thursday, September 23, 2010

Visit from Gram, Pops and Aunt J

For my birthday this past month, Gram, Pops, and Aunt J came to visit.  They took me to Jungle Jack's playland.  My Aunt J rode the Safari Rumble In Jumble ride with me:
We picked the first cold day of the season to go.  So we were alone on this ride.  I did the Golden Frog Jump to The LilyPad Ride by myself.  I stood in line by myself and rode it by myself!  Being four is great!

I also got to ride a big roller coaster named the Sea Dragon.  Look at me, front row with my arms up.  My dad told me this is the only way to ride a coaster.  I am too young to realize that there are pansies who don't, like everyone in the seats behind me!
What a fun day!  As I pondered how awesome it was, JC steals some of my cotton candy dipping dots.  Where did I get it?  The future!
Thanks for the fun visit!  Jungle Jack's still doesn't know what hit them!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Let's Go to New Mexi-Co?

Hola Amigos and Amigas!  That's Dora for "Hello friends of male and female persuasions!"  As alluded to in earlier blog posts, we have big announcements.  One announcement is the soon to be arriving Don Fernando....

If he was a turkey that took 8 hours to cook, we are at 3.5 hours.  We actually don't know gender yet, so it could just as easily be a Leona Fay.  The other announcement pertains to our future place of residence.  In only a few short weeks, we say Bye-Bye-Bye (bye bye!) to Ohio.  We will be moving to the Land of Enchantment - or New Mexico.  We think Land of Enchantment sounds better.  We are excited to be in the state for their centennial statehood event after missing Virginia's 400 year anniversary in '07. 

For those unfamiliar with the 87544, we will be living at 7000 feet on the side of a volcano.  But lo, while New Mexico is a desert, we are near the source of the Rio Grande and so part of our new backyard looks like this...

Please use the comments section to provide catchy new blog names for us that are needed with our imminent departure.  And just in case there are any of you dying to visit the Land of Enchantment, we have a 4th bedroom and will welcome LOTS of visitors.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Happy Birthday M!

What is this?  I, M, woke up on a morning around my birthday and found my dad like this....

I guess my dad stayed up too late wrapping presents.  Or he didn't stay up late and the sugar rush from a box of Zingers wore off in mid sneeze!  After waking him up I realized other people were in the house, too.  My Aunt J and this nice grandma...
And a nice grandpa...
With many plans for the day, we got down to business right away.  Here we are having a breakfast cake.  I am blowing out 4(!) candles!

After loading up on cake and ice cream,  we opened presents, too.  Here I am with my hand-writing game.  It came from my beautiful momma, and if you have seen her handwriting, you'll know why she got me this!
I got a beautiful dress from my Grandma L...

The life of the party turned out to be a hopscotch map.  Notice my hair in mid-jump...
Even Pops got into the act, here is the start of an epic fall that took out camera woman Aunt J!
Here I am amid my sea of gifts.  Looks like my parents will need another brown box when we maybe I'll tell you next time.  After these action packed two hours, we headed off to another part of Ohio for the rest of my party.
Happy Birthday to me!  Thanks for all the gifts and visitors!