Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow Day

With the snow falling outside and winds a-blowing, M was forced to stay inside today. Here she relaxes as she tries to come up with a fun activity.

JC was crawling around minding his own business....snow? What snow? He thought.

A-ha! M knows what she should do today! She has decided to try feeding JC a pancake. Does he like it? I think he does..?

Pancakes are a bit amatuerish, thought M. But bananas! Those are for pros. How did JC do?

Eventually, however, JC ate too much banana and this started to happen!

Finally, once the snow stopped blowing around, M forced her mother to brave the cold and take a picture of JC catching some rays on a snow beach. Note the beach towel!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Weekend Visit

If you measure how fun a weekend is by how little you pick up the camera then MLK weekend was off the charts! Aunt JKC came (she is pictured below)....

Oh wait! That is M disguised as Aunt JKC. Silly me. Uncle R and FAUNT came too. Uncle R is pictured below...

Nuts! That turned out to be little JC imitating Uncle R eating pound cake! Gram came too and she brought Doritos! Here little JC eats the Doritos with his dad while playing Swipe. Dad finished with only two chips and they were both the Dorito kind!

Finally, after nine months of having a single stroller, Gram and B sprung for a double stroller. In the end the choice of which brand to buy was easy....B could not physically pick up any brand but the Combi! Here M and JC smile for Pops whose Grant made their new wheels possible!

Thanks Pops!

Friday, January 16, 2009


Come one, come all. We welcome visitors free of charge as their body heat will help offset our heating bill! Our magnificent weather for the upcoming weekend looks like:

Who else thinks -6 isn't fair? M is raring to go though, despite the forecast. She gleefully puts on last year's winter clothes! What? The boots don't fit? Newspapers and rags will do then!

Her outdoor adventure lasted several...minutes. Here she is at her happiest catching snow flakes on the hood of the car.

When she was done she asked to be carried inside. She's catastrophically afraid of even setting foot in the stuff --- but that's mostly because of the newspaper and rags!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

I am 8 Months

I, JC, have turned 8 months as of yesterday. Here I sit for my monthly photo shoot with Lambo.

I have learned a new skill in the past few weeks. I can sit up on my own! And everyone knows what that means....I am now skill-eligible for Fruity Poofs!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Later Christmas Morning

As soon as the sun came up, I was outside on my bike. If you doubt the earliness, look at the length of the shadows!

My brother, JC, also came outside. His outerwear is indicative of the weather!

After getting a bit numb, I went inside to play "Guitar Hero" with my cousins.

Then it was back outside. Check out my hot wheels!

Enough, though, of this pretend transportation. Grandma let me try out the real thing. We had to buy the neighbors a new mail box. But they weren't too angry because it was still Christmas morning!

Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

JC's First Christmas

It is not very often that you have a first Christmas. I wasn't quite sure what to expect but after researching on the "Interweb" I decided that everyone might be so distracted by the hullabaloo that they would forget about me. I didn't want to miss Christmas so I planted myself within the large stack of presents the previous night. Santa didn't even see me! Can you?

After everyone woke up, I crawled over to my "Tot Wheelz" so I could get a better view of what was going on. Merry Christmas morning everyone!

Every Christmas we open presents in age order with the youngest starting. For the first time in her life, M was not the youngest. You can see the dismay on her face and the excitement in my face as I get to open the first present!

Here I go, tearing into my first Christmas present!

Someone nice bought me an inflatable penguin that doesn't topple over!

The expression of shock on my face registered on the Richter scale! A lap-top computer! Dude, I got a Dell!
I also received shoes and a single sock that's too big even for my dad!.

What did I think of Christmas? My dad's t-shirt says it all!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

M's Third Christmas

I, M, have pulled rank as the eldest kid and will share my Christmas morning with you first. JC's Adventures will be posted tomorrow, if anyone cares! I will set the scene. It's 430 AM and all the kids are awake....the Chipmunks start to sing....and so I head downstairs.

I really like my new bike!

Anyone ready to ride? The sun isn't up yet!

I also received an awesome ball popper. Notice that this shot captures the ball in mid-pop!

Here I show off my Mickey Mouse ears AND my new lap top.

All we need is a cubicle wall! Cousin S is distraught as I show him my best times on Minesweeper.

Thanks to everyone for my wonderful gifts! Merry Christmas!