Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween! Before I head out for the night, I decided to take a bath! Note my holiday themed towel thanks to H & R.

My brother dressed up in this costume!

I dressed up as a flower. B dressed up as a cowgirl on a unicorn. Big thanks to Aunt J for the bud and G-Ma from NoVA for the pink cowgirl hat!

The neighborhood kids all accompanied me and we set out in the daylight. Notice that J went as a bull frog!

Soon, the moon came out and all my friends departed being unable to keep up with me. I pressed on and on into the night collecting candy. But I was getting tired. Here you can see me at my point of exhaustion. JC is also pictured extremely warm.

Whoops! I ran out of steam and my dad carried me home as darkness descended. Wow was it dark!

What a night! The nice lady who gives Highlights Magazines was at it again and oh yes, there was candy too! Break me off a piece of that Kit Kat Bar!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

J Carves Pumpkins

BOO! Ha Ha I totally scared them!

There I am in my ExerSaucer. M has just pulled the pumpkin's lid off. 'It looks tasty,' I think to myself as I suck on my hand.

Ugh! I can't believe M stuck her hand in there. My Uncle R has always said don't stick your hand down holes because that's how he lost his left hand!

Here my dad tries to show me that there is nothing scary in the pumpkin. Alas, I only have eyes for my beautiful mom who is taking pictures!

Finally the pumpkins were emptied and carved. M drew the faces and then dad cut the pumpkins. Below M is pictured with her creations. It was too cold for me to make an appearence. Oh well!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I am Five Months!

Hi there! I turned five months old. To celebrate, I wore a sweater vest! Here is a picture of me next to my friend Lambo Jr.
Now that I am five months, I can do lots of things. No longer content with rolling over, I now spend a great deal of time in my Exersaucer! Aren't you proud of me?My sister wasn't. She was too busy reading The Economist to pay attention to me. She laments, "With the economy like it is, I won't be able to retire until I'm 65!"

Ha ha! Other people were proud of me. So proud that they came to visit. Below you can see my SW VA G-Ma along with cousin S. Cousin S's mom also came to congratulate me. It was another big step for me and I appreciate all the visits! You can see below that it was such a big step I fell asleep.

Notice S's outerwear choice....Nice! It's a lead-in for tomorrow's post. I carved pumpkins for the very first time!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Last Monday and Tuesday

By Monday Grandpa C had driven alot. In order to save him the trouble, my mom and me got the whole family abducted by aliens and had them drop us off in San Diego. Their departing space craft can be seen at the top of the photo!

First we saw Historic Old Towne San Diego and had lunch at an open air restaurant.
Next we went to Balboa Park and visited the San Diego Plant Zoo. I like animal zoos better!
Finally we went downtown and walked along the shore and visited Seaport Village. What a blast! In the shot below you can see how exceptionally long my dad's arms are in taking this family shot.
The next morning we got up nice and early to fly back to Ohio. In order to keep us happy, my dad said we were on the way for milk shakes. We later discovered the milk shakes were 2000 miles away. What a jokester!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Last Saturday

Hello from Knott's Berry Farm! Grandma, Grandpa, and Uncle C accompanied us to America's first theme park. It was created to keep people entertained while waiting in line for chicken. Take that KFC!

Knott's Berry Farm has a wonderful play area called Camp Snoopy. It was halloween time so everyone was dressed like a pirate. Except of course for me!

One of my favorite rides at Camp Snoopy was the Charlie Brown Speedway. I rode this several times. Here you can see I chose the appropriate car for Grandpa JHC.

The park also had a giant inflatable Snoopy where you could moon bounce in his stomach. Several times throughout the day I would get to this point and then turn around and refuse to go inside.
My brother, JC, quickly tired of my fake-outs with the Snoopy moon bounce and went to sleep. My parents, however, were gullible until the end of the day.

My all time favorite ride, however, was the Rocky Road Truck Company. I got to drive a truck while my mom operated the truck horn. It was fantastically loud and all the ride operators whose shift ended while I was there (over an hour) left looking dazed.

The park closed at 530 and I was driving my truck up until the final bell. Knott's was a lot of fun! Thanks California Grandma and Grandpa.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Last Friday

It is Friday morning last week and we all woke up hungry. Time to drive two hours into LA and have breakfast at Philippe's! They invented the French Dip Sandwich by accident 100 years ago last month. It's funny, but before the trip, I thought Arby's had invented that sandwich.

Here is the whole crew after we had scarfed (7) French Dips of various meat persuasions between us as well as large amount of tapioca.

Stuffed and needing to walk it off, we left the car at Philippe's and hiked up to Griffith Observatory far above LA. In addition to having a huge telescope and a small science museum, it was a location used on "The Bachelorette"!
The views were fantastic. However, I am a bit afraid of heights. Here, my strong papa, holds us tightly with the Hollywood sign just visible in the background.
After spending the afternoon in the flawless 70 degree weather with 0% humidity, we headed down to see the Pacific Ocean. Here both my Dad and I set foot in the Pacific for the first time.

A few waves hit me, however, leaving me looking like this.

My little brother and Mom both made it down to the Santa Monica pier, too.

The sun set as we headed back to the car making for a beautiful end to our Friday.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Thursday Last Week in California

In order to keep the dates right, we will update our readers on our trip to California with a one week delay exactly. Last Thursday, after going to Deseret Book and Del Taco, we used our COSI family pass to obtain free entrance to Discovery Center of Los Angeles! My mom really got into the bat exhibit. Don't make fun of her because with ears like that, she'll hear you no matter where you are!

My dad was tired from the long flight so he laid down to take a nap. Little did he know it was a bed of nails. For the rest of the trip he complained about his 500 minature band-aids used to stop the bleeding. What a wimp!
The grown-ups weren't the only ones to have fun. Oh look! Here is a picture of me with Grandma Nita. I am drawing a map on how to get to dinner at Inn-N-Out burger.
Finally, my brother tagged along too. Here he sits up all by himself* on a Protoceratops!
After the science center we then went to Downtown Disney. Astute readers will notice what Grandma Nita noticed--We only attended places that started with the letter D. We were playing Scattegories without even knowing it! Check back tomorrow for our week late Friday adventure.

*An outright lie

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

On to the California!

B noticed a fancy car seat carrier in a magazine a couple weeks ago. Retail price--$49. J fixed this problem for free using duffle bag straps. With the $49 we saved we bought 49 burgers at Culver's Dollar Butter Burger Night!

Notice the carry-on occupying the child position. B would like to know how high on the ridiculous scale this looks...with a 1 being normal (for J) and a 10 being outrageous.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Roll Over!

4 months and 13 days after I was born, I successfully rolled over all by myself. Yearning for my pacifier that I had thrown over my head, I changed into this position from my back. I thought it awkward and uncomfortable, but my parents started to hoot and holler. So now it's my favorite party trick!
My sister, though, didn't hoot and holler so much. Instead, she continued her quest to be the youngest person ever to beat Super Mario Brothers 3.
I later found that she was jealous because she made her first roll over at 4 months 15 days. She did not let her jealousy get the better of her, though. Look here! Not even two days later she dressed me up so that we wore the same color. To top it off, as we posed she didn't attack me!!
Happy belated 4 month birthday to myself. Here is a shot with my once-a-month friend. He must be getting old because he is starting to shrink and his ears are getting bigger!