Friday, March 25, 2011

Fifty days later....

Only fifty days ago, B was feeling a bit large....

Now, our new baby S is fifty days old.  Here she is photographed next to her giraffe friend.

She had a first this week.  First time in the baby swing.  It is now three babies old.  She fell asleep whereas JC and I both were wide awake for our first rides!

Speaking of sleeping, S has been a bit uppity at night.  Since JC does night shift with her, this is how he looks most days!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Visit for Baby S

Hi there!  With so many visitors coming, I decided to get the house cleaned up.
They were not coming to see me or JC, though.  They were coming to see our new baby S!

Aunt S showed up after a marathon 24 hour drive that involved a pit stop in a Santa Fe police station.

The pit stop involved Grandpa J and his inappropriate answer to "Red or green?" (the state question of the LOE) to an officer during a traffic stop.

 Later on in the week, Grandma N caught the quick flight from LAX.  She spent the whole week in this pose!  I would have gotten hungry, me thinks.

Okay, bye for now!  Baby S is asleep so that means that JC and I can get some attention!