Sunday, January 30, 2011

Ice Skating

Today, M and JC eagerly watched the US Figure Skating Championships.  It was held in Greensboro, NC.  The NHL All-Star Game is tomorrow in Raleigh, NC.  Unbelievably, NC is the center of the skating world this weekend.  M and JC wanted to have their own skate program and here is the result.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Our New Edition - "Cool it Now"

Things did happen in January, despite all of our posts centering on December.  Things that happened include mom getting sick, JC getting sick, dad getting sick, JC getting sick again, and then mom getting sick again.  Oh yes, one other thing did happen.  We welcomed a new edition (que Ralph Tresvant a.k.a. Snaggletooth) to our family this past Saturday.  The process started Thursday night.  After many phone calls and various trips up to Los Alamos we decided on a home delivery, and a new C arrived at 1 PM Saturday afternoon. 

What did we name it?  Lucky for us, La-Z-Boy pre-named it just like Cabbage Patch dolls.  His name is Shane.  He came in at 87 lbs and 43 inches.  JC and I are quite grumpy these days because it's obvious who the favorite is now.

When B says she's in her office, now everyone knows where she is!  Thanks Floridian GGMa!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Another Virginia Christmas....

After a quick jaunt up the new and improved I-81 (speed limit has been raised to 115 MPH!), we made it to the land of NoVA where the C clan lives.  Despite Uncle B joining the Air Force, he and Katie were able to be in NoVA, too!  Look we all fit on the world's most amazing couch.  We had to split up B's shirt and Aunt K's socks to prevent a stripe armageddon!

We celebrated Aunt JKC's birthday with an ice cream cake and lots of presents...
Then we celebrated more Christmas.  GGma C from Florida was able to partake of the festivities via the Interweb!
Here is Aunt JKC trying to feign happiness at receiving our gift, the mix master.  Who knew she really wanted a turn table to support her DJ side-job?

After Christmas we all played Just Dance!  This is what it looks like when two people are playing and really trying....

And this is what the game looks like when only one person is really trying....

A shout-out is in order for the photographer-Aunt K.  Without her trusty camera, we would have no record of any of these fun-filled days! 

Merry Christmas from inside the Beltway!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Christmas in Virginia

For those who were wondering - FTASB is short for "faster than a speeding blog".  After leaving my dad alone and cold in New Mexico, we jumped on a plane and ended up in Virginia for Christmas.  The festivities began with Christmas Eve.  We reenacted the Nativity in a live action version.  M was Mary and I, JC, was the sheep.  Look at those faces!

Then it was off to make cookies for Santa Claus.  M and I ended up making sugar cookie "Gingerbread" men.  I'm pretty sure that Santa would have noticed the conundrum if he hadn't been making such a large delivery.  With my cousins, it made 12 good little boys and girls!

After a restful three hours of sleep, it was time to head downstairs and discover how much Santa loves us...
 Evan's to Betsy's!  "Santa loves us a lot," I thought while clasping my hands in anticipation.

Present opening commenced.  I took it seriously, and by the end I was straining to overcome the tape!

And in a new tradition, Christmas afternoon is spent playing Guitar Hero.  Does anyone else obtain more star-power than they could ever need?

Whoops!  Don't bother the rock star while she's playing Crazy Train!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Early Christmas in New Mexico

Wow!  Lately our life has been going FTASB!  Unable to keep up, I, M, briefly thought about ending the blog.  But then my dad got our computer working again and I was struck by the itch.  So, now, if you will, imagine back to mid-December.  Most people were gearing up for Christmas - but here in New Mexico, we were celebrating it!  It all started with a candy cane hunt.  Someone decorated the outside of our house with candy canes.  We got to collect them!

Next we made cookies for Santa Claus....

Then we opened our presents!  Look at what JC got!  They are now inseperable friends.  JC asks every morning, "and what would you like in your Cream of Wheat, Buzz?" 

I was admittedly jealous of JC's new toy, but then I got a load of my gift.  Belle follows me around everywhere too!

My poor dad had to stay in New Mexico while the rest of us went on a family vacation to Gatlinburg, TN - so this Christmas celebration was for him.  Look, we even got in our Christmas pajamas for him!
Merry Christmas, dad!  We'll miss you.