Saturday, March 29, 2008

Part II...Easter Sunday -- Morning before the Hunt!

Who's there? It's kind of dark in here. Why don't we go outside?

Ah yes! Easter morning and we have beautiful spring weather.

While we are out here, I guess I should update you on the eggs. Despite dyeing them beautiful shades, no candy appeared in them. Well, I should say it wasn't candy to me. But it appeared to be candy to my dad. In between bites he mumbled something about egg salad and yum.

So I guess the Easter bunny IS needed because my eggs make nasty candy. Luckily, he visited last night. Check out my haul!

Whilst shutting my eyes and using my psychic powers, I tried to ensure that this blue egg would contain a Twix. I think I still need practice, however, because I got a York Peppermint Patty instead. I gave it to my dad because he needed it after the egg salad.

Apparently, the Easter bunny here in Ohio just doesn't leave treats for me. Look at the amazing table setting he left.

He included name tags!

Before we could eat Easter dinner, however, we needed to attend the neighborhood Easter egg hunt. Find out how it went - next time on "Hokies to Ohio".

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Easter Eve --- Dyeing the Eggs!

Incredible! The egg is not only edible! We can dye them too! Or at least that's what my dad says....we shall see. But, if he is making it up, he sure is going to a lot of effort to set the scene. I think he knows I'm going to eat a lot of candy and is setting up the appropriate "splash shield" for when I get sick!

The first egg that I was given, I immediately hit against the table causing shell rupture. Whoops! No candy inside! Then I realized that all the eggs with candy were pink or purple or green or yellow. Thinking quickly and seeing the various hues in front of me, I called for the red. Time to fill this egg with candy!

After waiting for a while, Mom pulled the egg out. The egg had changed color! Ha HA! Feeling awfully smart I said that the egg would soon be full of Reese's Chocolate Peanut Butter Eggs. "Who needs the Easter Bunny" I asked to no one in particular and then flashed my best Bunny Grin at the camera.

Did she create her own candy filled eggs? Does M need the Easter Bunny?

To be continued....

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Serene Celine

A while back, my dad claimed he could sing like Celine Dion. After his rendition, he then played the official version for me to compare. This is my reaction.

Later in the day, I was still laughing much to the chagrin of dad.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Spring Break VCU Style!

After my resourceful Uncle R made it to Ohio, he quickly went about recreating the "What was I doing last year" picture for March. As you can see my Uncle R has shrunk dramatically in the year since the photo was taken at the Sugar Maple Festival. As you can see he's wearing the same T-shirt. Why mess with what works?

After arriving, Uncle R who is working on his PhD in American History, immediatly piled us in the car and drove to the Ohio State Capitol (despite being his spring break). He was eager to see this historic landmark, and, he was also very afraid that we might take him to Schmitt's Sausage House again unless he came up with something else. Here my Uncle R and I are pictured sitting on a couch that is very similar to a couch we grew up with.

The Ohio State Capitol offers free tours and allowed access into the Senate and House of Reps. Pictured below is our family with the Speaker of the House centered in the background. I, however, was distracted by the person sitting two rows back who was munching on a Ding Dong.

After fulfilling Uncle R's need for history, we went back home where his girlfriend, K, and me got to hang out.

As is the case with everyone, I have my favorite books which I read more frequently than other books. At the top of my current list is "Hop on Pop". That book never gets old, even if it's been read about 30 times (according to K).

I eat pretty much all the time, and after feeding me for a little over two hours my Uncle R became fatigued.

With his yogurt feeding arm too tired to continue (he claims it is due to tennis elbow from the Wii), he just gave me another one of his donuts.

My dad, however, upon realizing that this was the last donut left, quickly tried to trade me K's cell phone for the donut. Although tempted, I asked my wise Aunt JKC for advice who said, "Long after the battery dies on a cell phone, you will still be able to lick the glaze off your own face." I kept the donut.

Eventually, my Uncle R has to leave me to head back to Richmond. After the whirlwind visit, I was left like this in the middle of the floor. Come back soon (with donuts preferrably)!!

Thursday, March 13, 2008


Wow! Six months ago, my Uncle R bought plane tickets on Skybus to come and visit me. Six months later Ohio was hit by record snowfall. Skybus canceled the flight.

Just how much snow did we get? If you have ever visited, the picture below might help. It is the view out of our back door.

In addition to the large amount of snow, we also had 40 mph winds leading to this:

Unaware of the canceled flight, I stepped outside to head to the airport. Surprisingly, I could not overcome the snowdrifts to get to the car.

I quickly enlisted the help of my friend, A, who promised to guide me over the snowdrifts to the airport. Alas, we only made it 200 or so yards before I flashed back to the horrors of the powdered donut people(See Dec 22, 2007 post "White Dawn"). A, sat stoically along side me before we headed home.

My uncle R, though, is highly resourceful as evidenced in this picture here where he hid his identity to avoid being pictured with this guy!

In other words, my uncle R made it here anyway. He brought both his girlfriend AND donuts. What a great uncle (even if he does stare at people a little too hard).

To be continued.....

Saturday, March 8, 2008

One is the loneliest number!

Oh! The dark winter days of February have left poor M feeling quite lonely. Not even her green club house can keep her company as seen below...

Her friend, B, had heard of M's blue state and invited her to ice cream at Jeni's. After sharing a bowl of jalapeno chocolate ice cream, M stated triumphically, "It tasted exactly like a chocolate covered Slim Jim!"

Upon leaving Jeni's, cruel February returned in the form of a snow storm. The snow poured and poured as the intrepid M headed for home.

Despite the irony of seeking out ice cream when outside it looked like this, M was not laughing. Oh! The temporary company from B could not staunch my loneliness!

The wind which had blown the storm in, blew M's laments all the way to Washington DC. While sitting on her porch overlooking the Tidal Basin sipping on pink lemonade and enjoying the sun, M's Grandma heard the wailings. Realizing the distress signal was from M, she hopped into the "Golden Goose" and drove to the Ohio. Seen below, a cheeseburger from the famous McDonald's at the corner of 123 and Old Dominion has been transported to M more than 300 miles!

After being fed by Grandma, Aunt J (who had copiloted the "Golden Goose") read M some books about a pigeon who wants to drive a bus. Aunt J told M that she had so much to be happy about because at least she was not being audited!

After the feeding and the pep talk, Grandma and Aunt J took her to COSI for some exercise. Unable to talk, she responds below to her Aunt J when asked how things were looking now after their visit.

The intervention came at the right time! M feels markedly better now and proudly shows her first artwork after going to nursery for the first time! She's grateful that Heavenly Father gave us water!M feels far better and has her family and friends to thank for all the visits!