Sunday, May 13, 2007

Preparedness is Key

M is nearly 9 months old. That means she is only about 4 and a half years from her first school picture day. Given her dad's horrible history at getting photographed, we decided to practice. In this shot, M felt she looked too casual.

So, the willing photographer gave it another go. However, M felt in this shot she looked to serious.
Finally, she nails the look she wants. Not too casual, not too studious---So now she is practicing making this specific face so that she'll be ready for school picture day!

P. S. Happy Birthday to Uncle Bob. Below is one of last year's shots. We are on the edge of our seat waiting for this year's. Happy big 2-0!

Acting Future?

In this shot, M goes for the classic "Lawrence of Arabia" look. However, given that neither parent has seen the film, we have no idea if the sheep herders were really this happy.

As we are prone to do, M's parents started to sing the theme to the "Fresh Prince" one day. M ran up stairs and put together this outfit before joining in with "to sit on my throne, as the prinCESS of Bel Air".

In this shot, M was asked to be "MC Hammer after realizing his rhymes are so hot, his pants have caught fire."

Friday, May 4, 2007

Catching up the past week

In our now monthly tradition, M is dressed in her newborn outfit on her 8th month birthday this past Monday/Tuesday. It's good to see that she is already learning to make do with the clothes she has!

This past Thursday, M was able to attend her first baseball game. Last summer while B was pregnant, M attended a Single A Washington Nationals Minor League game in Potomac while in utero. Now, almost a year later, she is watching the AAA Washington Nationals Minor League Team in Columbus with her own two eyes. In this shot she gleefully tells us that baseball is better in person rather than on the "radio".

Around bedtime (the 4th inning) M asked to leave so she wouldn't be grumpy the next day. We took this picture as we left at M's request. This is her first of (hopefully) many photos with Tony Batista in it (playing third base).

Today, M received a wonderful present from her Great Grandma and Aunt from Florida. After removing it from the package, M immediatly thought it was edible. See below:
It didn't taste so good, but she did play with it for the hour before she went to bed. M gives her family in Florida a smile and a big thanks!