Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Hoff

M recently received a wonderful gift from the Brothers McKinley - an ExerSaucer. For those of you unfamiliar with this particular item, it's a place for the baby to practice standing and it looks like a ufo. Now M can ExerSaucer right next to her Mom while she uses the treadmill. After putting in a quick couple miles, M was a little out of breath.

When she's not running in her saucer, M likes to kick a ball with her feet. Between the running and the kicking it looks like her parents might be atteneding a few soccer games (football to her European fanbase).

Exercise is said to create an endorphin high, which M is displaying below. She also might be laughing because I just told her David Hasselhoff released seven albums that went platinum in Europe (better known as "The Hoff" to her European fanbase).

Many thanks to the McKinleys from M!

Monday, February 19, 2007

Carpenter Visit

M's grandparents from Northern Virginia came and visited this past weekend. They gave her a special present that came in an envelope. Sporting a reservoir of patience beyond her years, she was prepared to open her present by salivating on the envelope until it dissolved. She looks dreamily into the distance thinking of what the envelope could contain!

Flash forward and now M is sitting in her new high chair. After watching M repeatedly fall out of the adult chair while her parents tried to feed her, M's grandparents decided that she needed a chair just for her. Here's M sitting in her new throne! GrannyNanny C said it looked like she was prepared to go parachuting! In response, she gave the classic "thumbs up" sign.

Not one to mess around, M is hurriedly waving the bearer of her mush cereal to approach Her Highness. Although she can't speak yet, her command of facial expressions and hand motions leave little open to interpretation.

M loves her new chair and thanks GrannyNanny C and Mr. C very much!