Monday, August 31, 2009

All Grown Up

How did we go from this....

To this in just 3 short years????

M has a big day today!!! We're celebrating her 3rd birthday and her 1st day of preschool all on the same day...Details to be forthcoming~

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Utah 009

My long time readers will remember back to the 07 when I was an only child and I first visited Utah. Now two years later with my brother in tow I, M, headed there for a nearly month-long visit! I did a lot of new things. Here you can see me at the foot of a wicked water slide that I made it all the way down! Look at my proud mama!

I also got to go to the nickel arcade. Never before had I actually used a game machine - I always just pretended using the demo. This was much better. I am playing Spider Stomper!

I played miniature golf at Park City. All of my Grand-pas are so jealous!

Not only do I look like my momma, but we have the same tastes. Here you can see me enjoying my first experience at the Brick Oven!

I also got to do a few things that I had done before but enjoyed anyways. Here you can see I got to see my Aunt S who lives in Las Vegas and my cousins from Virginia.

I also got really good at riding a tricycle!

And I started my apprenticeship for Project Runway in 20 years...I haven't seen tie-dye on the runway yet so I think I'm a shoe-in.

What an awesome trip. Next time you will hear from my brother, J, and his experience!