Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

2 Month Appointment

Whoa! Stop me if you've heard this one before...

After my two month appointment back in '06 they photographed me with my uncle in order to track my growth month to month. You can see that I wasn't as comfortable as I could have been.

A couple years down the road, JC is telling me about his upcoming two month appointment. Here I laugh while telling him how they are going to stick him with a hairy, scary bearded guy to chart his growth. Notice that JC's hair is standing on end in fear as I tell him this.
But lo and behold, he gets a soft, friendly lamb as the yang to his yin for photographic growth charting. Notice his "sly" look. "My big sister is full of it" he is thinking.

I am not full of it. And, in addition, I have outgrown my car seat and now ride like this everywhere.

Well, maybe I stretch the truth a bit...

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Doing Margery Williams Proud

"Zounds! Did you hear that?"

I crawled up the stairs and spotted my sister, M, busy making dinner for all of us, including my Aunt JKC.

Fed up with her Aunt JKC who kept saying no to the clam linguini and yes to the hot dog quesadilla, M appeared razzled.

Enough of this whining. She forced everyone into the car, including me! She said that a family outing would do all of us good. We headed to Utica to visit the Velvet Ice Cream Factory. My Aunt JKC rode in the back with me and M. What a trooper!

What is there to do at an Ice Cream Factory? A more appropriate question is what can't you do at an ice cream factory, chap! Here I lounge in complete comfort after catching every part of the root beer float that my dad dropped.

Where else can you be photographed next to a neapolitan corn cob? M was VERY impressed.

They also have the legions of animals needed to entertain ice cream eaters. Here is one of their newer employees who has only been on the job for a few weeks -- a real spring chicken.

This rabbit, though, had been working here much longer. In fact, he had been working here since his birth in 1995 making him...wait for it...the Velvet-Teen Rabbit. If you aren't impressed by the pun, you can at least be impressed with my reading level.

Thanks Aunt JKC for our trip to the Ice Cream Factory!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Independence Day 2008

Sorry that I haven't updated the blog in a while --- I've been feeling under the weather -ugh!

Here I am decked out for my second July 4th celebration ever. Fireworks have nothing on my pigtails!

My brother was so excited for his first July 4th that he threw up.

Why include the unflattering picture of my brother? What can I say, this is payback for him taking every one of his naps during vacation!

Now that everyone was ready to go we headed downtown to take in the parade. It rained and, as you can see, I needed a sweatshirt.

Despite the poor weather, nothing could dampen our patriotic fervor. Here we wave flags in the rain gleefully while chewing on Tootsie Rolls thrown to us by the Fire Department. Go America!

Monday, July 7, 2008

W'burg -- Part III -- Busch/Water Country

A big welcome from Dragon Land in Busch Gardens!
At the slides, I waited at the top and held the line up. Here a big lug waits none too patiently for his turn on the slide. Soon after this shot, I received a push from his foot that sent me back to earth!

So I hear in NASCAR they only make left turns. On the Ladybug circuit, however, you only make right turns. Let's see Dale Jr make a right turn!

Ah yes! I came in numero uno in the race. That's number one for those who don't read Dora books.

After winning the race, I took a victory lap with my Cousin S. But I didn't rest for long...

I was soon back at the helm and racing water craft. Some hot shot drivers deal with clingy girlfriends. I deal with an overbearing father.

Here you can see after 400 laps, my competition (Cousin G) has given up!

It felt a little weird being the only one left in the race as my face below shows, but I completed it none the less.

I was a bit tuckered out after racing and when my dad led us to the FestHaus - I knew what we were in for. He quickly went about joining the German version of the Vanlig Matsmältningbesvär club (see 14 April 2008 post "They sell furniture at Ikea?"). Having seen this before, I went to sleep. Interestingly, in a show of sibling solidarity my brother also fell asleep despite not having been present at aforementioned Ikea.

After a nap we hit Water Country USA. Since my mom was not yet cleared for water sports I stand next to my Aunt J. Thanks for being my lifeguard Aunt J.

My dad sure didn't act like a lifeguard. Here he show's my mom that he is using no hands! Shaken by the experience I headed back to the gentle care of my Aunt J.

Water Country USA was so fun, I forgot to take my nap. My brother (already trying to steal favored child status from me) showed he can take his nap anywhere, anytime. I will not give up my title without a fight!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

W'burg -- Part II -- Colonial Experience

Back in colonial times (the 80s when my dad was a kid) everyone worked harder. Instead of being pushed in the stroller -- kids pushed themselves. After shoving my stroller through the gravel and cobblestone streets of Colonial Williamsburg for a few blocks, I requested help from my cousin G who graciously helped me push the stroller the last few miles before lunch.

At lunch, I decry my aching feet and fail to hide my dislike for the limited amount of water.

Lucky for me, the afternoon consisted of us living like rich people during the colonial period. Instead of pushing my own stroller, a horse pulled me in a gigantic carriage. After the ride, I lovingly stroke the horse and thank the animal for it's hard work. Mo' Money Mo' Problems has never been further from the truth in this case.

Another perk of being a wealthy colonial involved receiving more water. Actually, my GGma from Utah shared her ration with me. I was very appreciative.

By the end of the day, my dad said we no longer had to pretend we were living in colonial times. I immediately asked to watch what the whole human population had been working towards since the days of yore--- the Doodlebops! In this picture, I have grabbed the camera to get my mom's attention and yelled "Moe!"

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

W'burg -- Part I -- The Drive Down

This back seat might look like a mess after 16 hours...

But don't blame me because I was the driver!
Here S (the van driver) reacts after I told him he had been driving for close to 7 straight hours. I wish I had his rosy disposition. All the driving taxed us both to the point of exhaustion. They wheeled us to the villa on a luggage cart.
No rest for the weary, though, as the family pictures started. After being polite throughout the two day car ride, I could hold it in no longer. Here the rest of the women discuss the declining air quality as my guilty face says it all.
With that out of my system it was time to start the vacation! Eagle-eyed readers will note that my brother JC does make a brief appearence in this post. Can you find him?