Wednesday, January 31, 2007

M's Five Month Birthday

M saw her dad eating and couldn't resist! She apparently has her mom's taste buds because the plate had brownies on it!

M does not like the flash on the camera! Today, on her five month birthday, M is wearing the same outfit she was wearing in her hospital photos two days after her birth. And it's not even tight on her yet!

To all her adoring fans M says, "I love you this much!"
And, "I love dad for turning the flash off!"

Saturday, January 27, 2007

M Chooses a Career Path

Like her father before her, M loves her feet - and is constantly checking to make sure that they are there. She likes how they taste too, apparently. The day we took this shot (Monday) she stated that she wanted to be a yoga instructor when she grew up.

Like most children, M has been going through her rebellious phase. Her latest hair styling could be termed "extreme". Coupled with this new hair style she decided that day (Wednesday) that she wanted to work in the beauty industry.

M is already learning her alphabet and is all the way up to the letter "s". Her goal is to be proficient in the alphabet over the next few months. You can ask her about it via telephone. And so on Friday, she decided she wanted to study English and be a teacher.

What a whirlwind week!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

M Update

M is a rolling fool now and does it every chance she gets. She also has a new favorite sleeping position pictured above. She's a side sleeper!

Not much more than a week after rolling over for the first time, she is now propping herself up rather well. She's definitely getting stronger and likes to move her legs and arms as if she's crawling (but she doesn't move).

This is M's face after I told her this week's Office was a rerun.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Snow Bunny

We woke up this morning to about an inch of snow. By the time noon rolled around it had stopped snowing leaving with us about 4-5 inches of snow. In related news, M was able to see her first snowfall. At first, she was a bit uncomfortable with the white stuff.

After about thirty seconds, though, she became enamored and gave us a better pose for the camera. It's good to see that M can appreciate a nice winter snow.

Roll Over!

M just started rolling over on Martin Luther King Jr. Day but by the time we found her she was crying and non-photogenic. All told she's rolled over about four times since last Monday. But today she has rolled over four times in the past hour. Now when she rolls over she appears very, very pleased with herself. Hence, we have photographic evidence of her new talent.

Monday, January 15, 2007

M's Sunday Outfit

M was all ready for church with her dress compliments of Aunt Jaime, footwear compliments of Grandma Nita, and bow compliments of Great Grandma Meacham. Word on the street is "it takes a village" refers to dressing our daughter.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

M's First Feeding

After a week of non-satisfying feedings for all parties involved, the doctor gave the go ahead for M to start eating rice cereal on Friday. Needless to say, JB spent the entire day anticipating and the entire evening enjoying this event. Photographic evidence to follow with all pictures preceding the comments directly below.

M is pretending to be cross-eyed! Even at such a young age her remarkable comic knack is already apparent!

Mom was making it look easy so I decided to give it a try. The result was messy and left M feeling unfulfilled with an emphasis on "filled".

So the spoon went back to Mom who made sure that M got enough to eat!

Finally at end, M made sure to announce how pleased she was with her ability to pick up the spoon. As Mom has pointed out, I still have not mastered that particular utensil. But you know what they say, "Girls mature faster than boys."

Brittany's Recipe Club

On Tuesday of this week, B held a recipe club meeting at her house. After cleaning the house top to bottom and creating wonderful Valentine's Day themed treats, we were ready for the crowd. Look! Even the dip is pink!
Brittany is a wonderful cook/baker/hostess and her talents were on display for sure! {Too bad nobody came...}