Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Beginning of July

With the advent of July comes the mid-summer Holiday of Independence Day. This is my second July 4th holiday with the last one spent in the cradle of American Government - Williamsburg, VA. This year, I am in Ohio. Well they can still throw a parade can't they? Here I am looking at classic cars from our perch.

M made off with a large helping of candy which she is still currently eating much to both my parents and my chagrin. I wish my teeth would come in!

After the swell holiday, we drove down to Appalachia to visit Uncle J, Aunt J, F, G, and S. Friends of theirs generously allowed us to stop by their privte backyard swim club. Look at me motor through the water!

Ugh! Too much exertion! Water, please.

My sister swam a bit too!
Next time, Cousin G's birthday from the view of M!

Friday, July 17, 2009

National Zoo

After the wedding of Uncle R and Aunt K, they went on their honeymoon. We were left with nothing to do. Nothing, that is, except to visit the National Zoo! We took our first ride on the Metro in order to get there.

Here we are at the start of the zoo! We sure look excited.

How lame, another animal that doesn't move. Does the National Zoo have any animals that work Mondays?

Hey! A Hawaiian shaved ice solves the problem!

We did end up seeing a few animals. Here is an elephant.

And this is how the trip ended!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Uncle R's Wedding

A few weeks ago, Uncle R got married to Aunt K. I was lucky enough to be flower girl. Here I am walking down the aisle with my Aunt J.

Here is a picture from the wedding with the whole bridal party. I'm the short one in the center!

My dad got to be best man for my Uncle R.

My brother, JC, got to pick out his own suit. You can see he was going for the Don Johnson.

Finally, here is a family shot. We sure clean up nice!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

This Past Month Part II

I, JC, just turned one about a month and a half ago. Since then a lot of exciting things have happened. One of my new skills is to point at things I would like to eat. Here is a picture of me saying I would like to eat the camera.

I can also stand by myself, as this picture attests. I am cruising as well, but no free walking yet!

Finally, for my belated birthday present, my parents took me to Build-A-Bear to get me my first stuffed friend. I chose this particular character out of a sea of bears, monkeys, and ponies. His name? Chucky.

Next time: Uncle R's wedding!

Friday, July 3, 2009

The Past Month Part I

Hello there from a few intrepid travelers. We have been all over the map the past month if your map covers OH, WV, MD, and VA. I will try and do a recap over the next week of our various adventures. First up was my dad's exam on the Friday after mom's birthday. After his exam, the committee spent a long time talking so I went out exploring. Here I am pictured in a gigantic "O" for Ohio!

They passed him! Here he is right after the exam before we went to the Varsity Club for a celebratory pizza. His excitement is palpable!

After he passed he was able to spend more time at home with me. Here you can see us ready to take our first dip into the pool this season!

We also made a bird feeder out of a pine cone. The birds ignored it, but we do have a much heavier squirrel in the neighborhood now!

Next Time: What is J's new skill and new friend!