Sunday, June 15, 2008

One month check-up

I'm a month old as of Saturday. You know what that's time for my stats from my one month appointment. From this shot, you can see that the cheeks are back!

9 lbs 3 oz is my new weight. How did I gain so much weight? Lots of sleeping and eating. In other news, I am officially a fan of the pacifier. Below you can see me maintain my grip even while dreaming about the next meal.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Happy Birthday B

Whoa! With my mom's birthday fast approaching, I knew the pictures would be fast and furious. In order to prepare, I went and got a haircut. After it was done, I received a balloon and my first sucker - a root beer Dum-Dum. I loved it!

My brother, JC, seemed bored with the idea of a birthday. He thought to himself, "This is nonsense, I had an actual birthday just three and half weeks ago. No one made me a cake! By the way, if anyone can hear me-someone tell dad to stop playing Mr. Roboto."

My dad said the theme of the party was "Fluttering towards 30!" So he made a cherry chocolate butterfly cake. Mom smiled big here, but smiled bigger after she tasted it. Yet another use for Wild Cherry M&M's!

Happy birthday B!

Friday, June 6, 2008

JC's 1st Bath

The competetive rivalry between siblings has already begun. Needing to prove his own seaworthiness after M made the 2 and Under Olympic Dive Team (TAUODT), JC jumped into the nearest body of water (our bathtub). Not wanting to cut the new guy any slack, Coach Dad started JC on the official TAUODT regimen! This isn't so bad JC thought initially....

Ugh, things got decidedly worse once the sponging commenced.

Nothing in his short life could have prepared JC for the last part of his training for the day --- his first removal from the water!

JC looked a tad shell-shocked after it was all said and done.

"Was it worth it?" JC's mom asked. Unsure whether his sibling rivalry had helped or hurt him, he was noncommital in his response.

Ten minutes later, however, he was eating and pledging to do the same tomorrow and everyday until he makes the TAUODT!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

She's so high...high above me.

Knowing that summer thunderstorms were coming our way, we went to the pool yesterday. My mom claims that by buying clothes seasons in advance she can save money. This works better when your belly isn't as big as mine is!

I'm preparing for the Olympics later this summer. Their new event is diving for 2 year olds. An Olympic gold would do wonders for my Kindergarten application! In order to set a good example for my younger fans, I wear the proper safety equipment. Here I am pictured with my personal liason, K.

My Uncle R pretended to be an announcer, so I wouldn't get spooked when I heard people analyzing me while I performed. During this shot, Uncle R, stated that I gained massive air!

No worries! Olympic rules for this event state that parents can catch their youngsters. Here my dad performs the most important job of his life---helping his daughter attain Olympic gold.

Note: Immediately after photos were shown, Dad stopped throwing me in the air. He did not know I was getting so high above him.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Raisin a Ruckus

Oh my Uncle R! Despite his nerdy passion for American History, he is still a cool guy. Notice how clever he is despite being in the midst of working on his thesis!

Aunt C in Alabama---this is a joke. Uncle R is working on his GRE.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

If you want something done right...

With all the family in town, you would think I wouldn't have to take care of everything around the house. After vacuuming, dusting, and cleaning the bathroom, I was incredulous when my dad asked me to take care of dinner that night as seen below. I am going to go out dressed like this?

Even a fiance trying to impress the new family was no help. Here I hold the baby so K can focus her entire attention on an infomercial at 314 AM.

To top it all off, Elle magazine requested a photo shoot in order to highlight our happy family. Below is a shot where I was being difficult. The photographer left in a huff. Our story has been pushed back until next month at least.
At the end of the day, I know my momma will get better and I can eventually go back to being a 20 month old. But right now, it seems so far away. So be prepared, if any one asks me to do any more chores because they feel lazy, I'm going to use this golf club that my dad taped to my hands to "disagree".