Sunday, April 25, 2010

Visitors from a faraway land...

We have been so blessed the past few weekends with visitors. They traveled by land, air, and sea to arrive. The first visitors was Grandma L and Grandpa J from southern VA. On their way here, their car broke down leaving them stranded in Ohio. What to do? While Grandpa J played the zoo course, Grandma L took us to the zoo to look for animals willing to take them home. The first animal, was a bit too small for everyone. To top it off, it was also intimidated by the unruly goose!

Then Grandma L had a great idea! Grandpa J had always wanted a motorcycle so we went and saw the Wild Hogs. Sure enough they were willing to take a long drive and even allowed us a test drive. Satisfied with their performance, we sent Grandma L and Grandpa J home in style after a fun weekend.
Who should visit us the next weekend? Aunt JKC fresh off of busy season and Aunt K! They were so fun! They took us to the park where I, M, promptly soiled the playground.

JC followed it up with his own...

We did other things besides the playground. We went to the Starliner Diner where we ate some wonderful food which lead to someone else soiling a Wendy's on the way home!

Finally, our last visitor, was Flat Stanley. He had traveled all over the world but had somehow missed the center of the universe, i.e. Ohio. We took him to The Shoe, also known as the Ohio State Stadium where we had him help us make the O-H-I-O. Thanks to Aunt JKC for providing the dot to the "i".

Thanks for visiting us! We love you!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Princess Girl

M is a princess...

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Father knows best?

Easter weekend sure is fun. I was very excited for the Easter Bunny to visit, as I, JC, had run out of Halloween candy about five months ago. Saturday, my dad said that in order for the Easter Bunny to visit, we needed to do several things. The first thing to do was make cookies. Check!

The next thing was to dye eggs. Check!

The next thing was to wash the car...? Huh?

And then to build a bird feeder? What?

By now I was pretty sure my dad was just making us do chores. Easter Bunnys love eggs and cookies but they don't care about washing cars...right? I thought to myself, "Maybe my dad will get his comeuppance..." Later Saturday we had our Easter egg hunt. I found eggs.

My sister, M, found eggs.

My dad found no eggs.

The next morning our couch had three Easter baskets. One for me, one for M, and one for my beautiful momma! None for my dad.

Here I rub in my dad's face one of my awesome Easter gifts. I am reading all seven flavors found in a can of Pringles Restaurant Cravers Mexican Layer Dip to him. Whew that's a long name for potato chips!

M got a lot of neat stuff, too.

I sure hope my dad learns his lesson...the Easter Bunny knows when you are sleeping. He knows when you're awake. He knows if you've been bad or be good and get some awesome sunglasses for goodness sake!

Maybe next year my dad will learn!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

VA Visit

Hi there! M is back after letting her mom write the last two posts. We spent a weekend in sunny Virginia with an emphasis on sunny. Here I am pictured with my Aunt JKC.

My brother, JC, also enjoyed the sun. Here you can see he took his hog out of the garage and took it for a ride!

When we weren't outside, I played with the dog Curly...

And JC played with an older model train set...

I also got to dance alot...behind me, NO Iowa is beating Kansas 38-30.

JC or Nick Markakis (it is unclear from this angle) played with an older model Hot Wheels City...

As the days would wind down, we would wind down too. Here JC is pictured with Uncle B. The setting sun has created a cool effect with JC's drool, no?

Finally, before bed, we would read books with Gram. This book is a keeper!

Thanks for letting us visit!