Saturday, October 29, 2011


Here in the wilderness of the northern LOE, we start celebrating Halloween a week early.  Why?  Because it is the northern LOE and we need to stretch our holidays out!  Word!  Here is a picture of the pumpkin patch.  Sadly, our pumpkins were not purchased at the patch because they were expensive Texas pumpkins.
It was discovered that little SM has a strong dislike for pumpkins.  Look when we started to cut our pumpkins!
The rest of us had more fun cutting the ... pumpkins.
JC was more pensive, but finally stuck his hand in.  His overjoyed response, "it feels like slimy!"
Here is our finished product.  We only lost two fingers between us!

Next it was Trick or Treat on Main Street.  It was our second one!  Look at our wonderful costumes!

Judy Garland just looked at my Toto carrying purse and got a bit jealous.  Here we are on the town.
SM went as a cold, hungry baby.  Actually, under all that garb - she was Little Miss-chevious!
Happy Pre-Halloween!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Lamest Balloon Fiesta, Ever!

Ah yes!  The LOE has a famous balloon festival.  So famous that they advertise it on one of their two license plates.  My dad even witnessed hundreds of hot air balloons floating over the city on his way to Albuquerque on the Monday of Balloon week .  He even witnessed one crash just off to the side of the interstate.  Buoyed by his wonderful experience, we headed down the 25 for Thursday's Glowdeo.  While we waited for the weather to clear, I became a balloon pilot.

Check back in ten years and my beautiful momma will be making the same face in the passenger seat of the car. 
Oh no!  The Glow-deo was cancelled!  Good thing we are spending the night in the ABQ.  We can see the ascension tomorrow!  They did inflate one balloon for us - well almost.
In the time it took us to walk closer...
After a not-so-refreshing night that involved all of us kids having some sort of bowel problem we awoke and headed towards the festival grounds.  Everything looked great.  Visible are several inflated balloons.

Wait....did you hear that?  Are those gray clouds?

There goes the neighborhood.  :(

That lasted all of ten minutes. 

The next morning back at the 'Rock' we witnessed the balloons taking off in HD .  The weatherman said "it's beautiful here, come on down to the festival grounds."  He was cut off when my beautiful momma threw the tv through the window!

Maybe next year...

Sunday, October 2, 2011


Guess what?  Here in the LOE, they still celebrate Homecoming.  It's a big deal as they shut down main street and throw a parade.  Here am I, M, and my brother/old-man-from-Florida JC.  We got front row seats.

Here comes the floats!
After the parade, our bags felt heavier....
That's because we got more candy than Halloween!

JC ate so much candy his face became stuck.  See the sad results below!