Monday, September 29, 2008

Meet Boots

My oh my! Relatives from Utah sent me a Build-A-Bear gift card for my birthday and I finally put it to use. The closest shop was at Easton Towne (the extra "e" is for extravagence) Center. Here my dad says, "This is the funniest looking bear I have ever seen." After watching my dad destroy his hand getting a stroller earlier, and tired of his antics, I responded, "Be quiet and look at the camera!" He complied.

My new monkey friend was stuffed and given only one heart. I tried to stuff in multiple hearts but that is apparently illegal in Build-A-Bear land. Here I clutch the new monkey trying to comfort her as she was embaressed to be unclothed in public. We soon took care of the clothing problem by buying her a pair of sunglasses!

After clothing my new friend, we took advantage of the last nice weather of the season by going to the Fountaine (extra "e" for extravagence) at Easton. I was a bit nervous about the water at first, so I stood and watched for about a half an hour. Also, lately, my dad's back has been hurting and, therefore, whenever I need to stand anywhere I stand like this.

Eventually I let a little splash on me. Not bad!

And, eventually, I got sopping wet.

My brother, Clyde, for those who care, was there too. He stayed dry.

As the evening approached we headed back to the car. Here you can see me carrying my monkey (named Boots in honor of Dora's friend) in her condo back home...

Thank you tons Utahn's for your generosity!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Indian Summer Weekend

The last weekend of my first summer was spent visiting relatives in southwestern Virginia. Some people say that cheering for certain teams is "in your blood". Forget the my case, no one in the family can figure out why I was born a Cameroon football fan (soccer for you yankees). The terrible part about it is the time difference between the US and Central Africa. I have to wake up very early to catch the live match. Here you can see me alone, awake, and taking in the footie match under my team sponsored blanket on pay-per view in southwestern VA. Thanks in advance Grandpa J for footing the bill...Go Indomitable Lions!

After a rousing match, it was time to head back to bed - M would be up soon and I needed the energy to deal with her all day. You can always tell you're the second kid because you end up on a comforter on the floor. Despite this, I quickly fell asleep and started to dream of the half-priced slushies at Sonic during happy hour. You can't get those in Columbus.

The dream about slushies was so exciting that I slept through the visit to Aunt J and Uncle J's newly founded National Yorkie Poo Reserve in Radford, VA. While I was sleeping, my sister M learned about trampolines. It was originally purchased as exercise equipment for the doggies but M and S quickly found that other species could use it too.

I slept through the whole trampoline adventure---and the video seems unclear---what word is M repeating over and over?

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hey I am still here...

The keyboard is still warm from my sister's furious typing. I think all the fame and glory associated with the balloon alien beings went to her head. My life has been jolly interesting of late, too! I can lift my head up!

For a few seconds and then I get tired. I am dreaming about serious things - like eating.

Here I show that I can laugh as well...

Saturday, September 6, 2008

I am Two!! Concluding Post

That's right! The President of Meijer heard of my exploits and sent me a birthday cupcake cake. Two of them actually (one for each year). Zowie!

This was the first year I attempted to blow out my candle...

And it was successful!

I chose green to start off with because it is the color of vegetables.

But they certainly don't taste like vegetables!

Here is a picture of me with all the presents I received for using the balloon-alien-being's space knowledge to save the world.
It turned out to be an exciting birthday! Thanks to everyone for making it special!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

I am Two!! Part D

In the end, I decided to keep my balloon-alien-friends around. They rewarded my loyalty by showing me space age technology that solved the world's energy problems. Soon I was receiving presents from all over the world (but mostly from Virginia, Utah, Florida, and California). Here a nice person has inserted my picture and name into a book so that I can solve a mystery with Dora!

Then nice people from Virginia sent me a video game system that featured Dora!

Did you hear that? It was the sound of my childhood ending! Or one of my nice Grandmas in Virginia sent me a toilet training system. Don't worry! It's approved by Tony Little!

I also received several brain teasers. This particular one was "some assembly required". A balloon-alien-friend sat in the background giving pointers, but to no avail!

Another brain teaser came from another Grandma in Virginia. This one left me stumped!

I also received a musical card from some long-time readers from Virginia---they know me pretty well!

Finally, I also received jewelry and new outerwear. The jewelry from an aunt in Virginia. The outerwear (don't mean to namedrop) obviously came from Ralph Lauren (his mark was all over it).

The last present, however, came from the President! Read about it in the concluding part of my birthday story!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I am Two!! Part C

After muddling around in the space ship/UFO I managed to wind my way to the entrance. I then backed out of the tunnel carrying one of the balloon shaped objects from the ship's inside.

After leaving the space ship, I quickly realized the balloon shaped objects were actually sentinent beings. Here I smile with a particularly friendly one.

In order to test whether or not they were dangerous, I used my brother J as a test subject. After a few hours they became good friends when they realized they enjoyed Enrique Iglesias and thought that runny eggs were gross.

As my brother played with his new friend, I was struck with a realization...I have a space ship full of aliens! Happy birthday, indeed!

I quickly set about emptying the ship of the aliens. After going to zoos all my life, I could finally give something back. I quickly called each zoo in a 1000 mile radius. They offered $1 million for each of the balloon-aliens.

I struggled with the decision to sell and profit from these obviously harmless beings. Hmm...what should I do? Maybe I should donate them to science? Should I keep them? Maybe "I can be their hero"? Unsure, I decided to sleep on the decision in my now empty space ship.

What will M do? Will she profit from balloon beings? Find out next time...

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I am Two! Part B

As I heard a song echoing through our massive house, I decided to go downstairs and see what all the ruckus was about.

Oh my! It's a party for me? Well it is my are cheering my arrival because something has washed ashore...

It appears to be some sort of space age submarine/UFO.

Egged on by the crowd cheering "M! M! M!" I entered the tunnel heading to the space ship on a journey of exploration.

I am so scared right now.

Oh bother. What have I gotten myself into? Stuck in a space ship and on my birthday no less. Stick with me readers or I will get lonely. Do I make my escape? Do I have a party?

Monday, September 1, 2008

I am Two!

Why am I smiling so big? I turned two yesterday during my birthday celebration that has occurred annually since 2006.

More pictures will follow throughout the week so check back often. But this picture should pique your curiousity for my further birthday celebration photographs.