Friday, April 24, 2009

I turned 11 months

Hi there! I , JC turned 11 months a few days ago. To celebrate my dad took a picture. You can see here that he is none too good with the camera...

A-ha! My sister needed to handle the camera for a good shot to be taken!

By the way, I am experiencing my first real spring this year. I think I like this season!

Next month is my birthday!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt and Easter Sunday

Hello all! After discovering that I was afraid of ten foot tall bunnies who try to hug me, I was a bit pensive about the Easter egg hunt. In this photo you can see that I am so distracted looking for bunnies that I missed several eggs in the grass!

My brother had two helpers since he can't walk.

Here is the neighborhood gang. All but two of them are moving away in a couple months!

After the sugar rush from Saturday's egg hunt wore off, I slept very well. When I woke up, it was Easter morning. Look the bunny came to visit me!
My brother got a visit, too. Look at all his loot!
The Easter bunny did not forget the adults in the family. Here you can see the amazing cake that traveled from Florida to Oregon to Ohio to get here!

Thanks to Gram, Pops, and Aunt J for the special Easter visit!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Eggs, Paws, Claws

After the dust-up at the local chocolate factory, my extended family members decided to step in and try and help me, M, with my fear of rabbits. They took me to the Columbus Zoo for their "Paws, Claws, and Easter Eggs" event. Here you can see the abject terror in my face as we steer too close to a gigantic penguin. Maybe, I'm not afraid of bunnies after all. Maybe I'm just afraid of ten foot tall versions of the animals!
In order to test this new theory, we steered over to Australia where the kangaroos live. Look how close we got to the Roo. The zoo keeper is explaining to me that the animal has big ears and hops just like a bunny. I was not scared! Live animals are fine!

Just to make completely sure, though, Gram and Aunt J took me on the carousel at the zoo. The wooden horses were carved in 1903! No fear registers in my face. I am only afraid of fake animals when they are huge and make moves to hug me! I can look forward to Easter Sunday now!

Thanks for the fun Easter trip to the zoo, Aunt J and Gram!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Visit from Grandma E

What fantastic luck! Grandma E was able to visit to start off our Easter season with a bang! But before all the excitement ensues, we spent some time cuddling and reading. Knowing my intense fear of bunnies, Grandma E shows me some pictures of peaceful, friendly rabbits in "My Big Animal Book".

After all that mental preperation, we bundled up the "other guy" and headed to the chocolate factory. You can see that despite the large pink bunny being tied down to the roof, I'm still a bit nervous about being so close to one...

My uneasyness increased as we entered the factory. When I saw this guy I lost all control and ran off crying. My little brother, JC, is not yet old enough to be catastrophically afraid of bunnies so he was able to be photographed with one. He'll learn by next year. Besides, one of my dad's three rules for a happy life is "to never trust anyone wearing a polka dotted, pink vest"!
Can anyone help me conquer my fear of bunnies? This was only the start of Easter season, and with more bunnies in my future, how will I ever survive?
Thanks for the visit Grandma E!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Cinnamon Rolls

Hot dog! My momma made home-made cinnamon rolls! Here is a picture of them undressed...

...and here is a picture of them dressed!

How good are they? The rolls made me so happy I could do this!

Tippy Toes!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Sadly, last year I, JC, missed baseball's opening day. The only time the Orioles are on TV is usually opening day against a contending team. What did 2009 have in store for us? The Orioles got the 4 o'clock start on ESPN thanks to their opponent - the Yankees! Notice our authentic game-style hot dogs!

You can see that the Oriole's jersey that my sister, M, wore during her opening day 2007 would have no chance of fitting me given the ill-fitting cap. If only they had purchased an Oriole outfit in CC Sabathia size (see TV screen)!

The Orioles played well and won - this will be their year!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Slate Run Farm

Howdy! Here I, JC, ride my "tractor" through our living room.
After several hours of riding, my parents broke down and decided to take me to a real farm! The farm is called Slate Run and is a fully functioning 1880s farm. Here you can see me near some geese. They smelled the least of any animal we saw, including my dad!

My sister, M, is pictured next to some of the stinkier animals - the sheep. Her friend, B, also happened to be there. What luck!
My mom came along, too. Here, they are pictured in front of a horse named Bamboo Harvester IV. His great grandfather was the original palomino who played Mister Ed!

After visiting all the animals, we ate some lunch. Here, M gives you a sneak preview of the next post. Notice her hat!