Monday, December 31, 2007

ANTM Christmas Shoot

M would like you to know that achieving the perfect face for Chrismas Card inclusions is hard work. She tried many different looks and some of them follow.

M said that in this shot her Renee Zellwegger impersonation was spot on.

M had a specific plan for this photograph. As she said " You open up the card expecting a sweet picture and BOOM!"

After her morning shots weren't working out, M called her agent. Here she gives a puzzled look as he says to give up on the necklace

Here M wanted to look "surprised. As if they opened up the card and surprised me..."

M decided an outdoor shot might also help. Too bad this is Ohio. She quickly came back inside and told the photographer that the fake Walmart tree would fool people into thinking it was an outdoor shot. After seeing the prints she decided that, "this ruse might not work."

M finally got a good picture and after her shoot she was able to laugh at all the pictures that didn't make the cut.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

White Dawn!

My dad said that it snowed last night. I knew better, though. An army of outer space aliens had descended on Ohio and covered the landscape to resemble their home world. To me, it looks like their home world resembled a powdered donut. But then again, it always goes back to food with me. In order to protect myself from the intense amounts of powdered sugar, I made my dad buy me some nice boots and mittens. Notice the strap that attaches the mittens together so they don't get lost. Don't I look outstanding?

Ah-HA! I was right. The alien army has placed guards in front of our door to control the native species. They didn't count on the native species being as large as me, however, and they were quickly crushed.

Being a tender-hearted soul, I immediately felt quite guilty for taking out all of the powdered donut people. But Earth must be protected!

Uh-OH! A larger powdered donut person was headed my way in a fit of rage. I turned and immediately tripped over my mitten cord. Sitting in the snow and hopelessly tangled I called out for my dad!

Oh-no! My worst fears realized. Dad seemed to be happily working his way through a powdered donut hole he found in the road! He stumbled towards me in a sugary, zombie like state.

Instead of helping me escape, my infected dad quickly turned me over to the large powdered donut person. Notice his glazed over look and demonic grin as he and the new overlord pose together with the overlord having confiscated my gloves. I weep vigorously as I realize that I have failed and the powdered donut people will soon take over the world! And I was looking forward to kindergarten.....

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Decorating for Xmas

Hey cool! I can recreate the opening to "Raiders of the Lost Ark"!
Oh...those aren't blow guns. Why are we hanging up three guys wearing crowns?
These lights do look make this plastic tree look pretty groovy....
You want me to rip something up...? OKAY!
Wait...Christmas Story...Nativity....
So! This is Christmas! And what have I done......?
....I decorated for Christmas for the very first time!
Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Cutting A Rug

After watching my dad practice "The Hustle" for several days I started to pick up some of the steps.....

As you can see, I have learned most of the dance already! Any struggles were mainly because I was unfamiliar with the beat to DeBarge's "Rhythm of the Night". But, hey at least my dad wasn't playing Hall & Oates!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Cheetah Girls Part Deux

Before we move on to the rest of my life, I would like to show you the Cheetah Girls Dance Pad in action.

It's time to work it / GOTTA DO IT FOR REAL / It’s time to dance / step up and shine the way it feels / IT'S NOW OR NEVER / All the Cheetah Girls / Right here together / Time for us to show the world

What awesome, inspiring lyrics!

And to think I thought the Cheetah Girls was a dorky fan club of Chester Cheetah and his Cheetos!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Doctor's Visit

So earlier this past week I had my 15 month doctor appointment. The doctor said everything was normal. My height was 50%, my weight was 50%, and my head was 70%. He did mention, however, that at least part of me was nonaverage:

Despite my new, overly proportioned feet, I am still the happy-go-lucky girl you all knew.

My new shoes are really heavy but, with some practice, I can still walk!

Where do I get the energy to lift the heavy shoes? By drinking 2 liters of 7-Up Holiday Pomengranate Soda Pop!

Okay. Quiz time. Who am I trying to look like? Post your guesses in the comments section!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Breakfast without Bacon? You must be mistaken!

I am a big Kevin Bacon fan right now. What can I say? He was attractive thirty years ago and his last name makes me think of food! Why bring him up? The story starts with me watching the movie "Footloose" in spanish on Univision after my parents fell asleep one night. The next day I told my cousin S about a pentultimate scene where Kevin Bacon, whose name in the movie I believe translates to nightingale, plays chicken on a tractor with a character I named Cowboy. We decided to relive the scene as seen in the picture below. S, however, looked at the camera and crashed into a wall while our jeep was moving at a high rate of speed.After the crash, I was laid up for several weeks recovering from leg injuries among other things. Here you can see how much my Utah lady lessons have paid off.

After a few weeks, I started feeling better. Much better than S, who still wasn't walking. Our nice great grandmother in FLA sent us a Cheetah Girls Dance Mat to ease our rehabilitation through dance and the wondorous voices of Adrienne Bailon, Sabrina Ryan, Kiely Williams, and Raven. Below, I spot S to make sure he doesn't reinjure himself.

After a few weeks, we started to get really good. Here you can see mooving and grooving to the sounds of "Strut"!

I have since moved on from my Kevin Bacon fixation and have now dedicated myself to becoming a backup dancer for the Cheetah Girls. My dad is so proud of me. Thanks to great grandma C and a special shout out to the Cheetah Girls.