Sunday, September 2, 2012

Newsworthy Update

Lo and behold - our blog has outgrown it's current house.  We have moved to more spacious accomadations....

Please adjust your viewing patterns accordingly.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Happy Birthday Dad!

My dim-witted dad hit a round number with his birthday this year - thirty years.   Look its the mythical Birthday Omelette that Linus always said would come!
He got two new choices of outerwear.  Someone warn my dad that the thumbs up went out-of style along with gnarly, tubular, jams the shorts, and Vanilla Ice!
He also received a framed doctoral degree.  Maybe the thumbs-up is better after all, Dad.
And...and...and....well here's a picture of it anyways...Someone asked if his toilet was running.  He said yes and there he goes trying to catch it!
Aunt J, Uncle B, Aunt K, and Heavy D made the birthday extra special.  The cuteness quotient for this blog post has suffered greatly.  Here is a gratuitous shot of small members of the LOE C Clan...

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Chop it Off!

Guess who has fifteen minutes of his life back everyday?  My dull-witted dad who no longer has to braid my long hair....

Because I did this....
My brother, JC, was considering glasses when he looked like this...
But reconsidered after a hair cut.  Look he can cook without a hair net!
With our new svelte hair styles we were able to find new hiding places during hide-and-seek. 
Short cuts!  Just in time for fall!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Aunt J Makes the Move

Wait who's that?
Look who we ran into at the ABQ aquarium!  It was Aunt J.  She had temporarily relocated to the ABQ metroplex.  She was eager to see our shining star-fish SM!
What a lucky duck - it was art camp week and she got to see us race our boats at Ashley Pond!
Here we are at the pond.  SM tried to dive in, but Aunt J was ready.  She remembered when my dim-witted dad jumped in the water at a putt-putt course many years ago.  He is still dyed blue in places.
Oh yeah, she spent time with Heavy D, too.
She lead a dance party for all the adults.  I, JC, snapped this picture when they weren't looking...
Thanks for visiting here Aunt J!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Catching Up is So Hard to Do

Uncle B, Aunt K, and Cousin D traveled south and uphill to the LOE.  We took them to the Overlook Point.  Look at the view...
Heavy D got to try out a swing for the first time...with SM's help.

It left him wanting more.  So he tried out Shane...
Uncle B caught the cooties...
And was relegated to the kid table...
What is there to do in high desert country?  The aquarium...
Thanks for visiting Colorado/Korean C Clan.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Utah Summer Trip

A summer vacation trip to Utah was undertaken this year.  It involved three weeks of higher humidity and lower altitude.  On the plus side, we saved around $25K on hand lotion over the three weeks.  As a wise man once said, everyone in New Mexico is one truckload of hand lotion away from heading to Colorado.  This trip happened in the distant past (i.e. June and July).  The author was also absent for most of it so detail will be at a premium.

Balls were colored.

Shirts were tie-dyed.

Water park was visited.

4th of July Parade was attended.

Fireworks were observed.

Nickel arcade was inundated with nickels.

Pins were annihilated.

Water balloons were thrown.

Happy Summer!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Happy Birthday B!

B turned 27 recently.  Here she is with her birthday "cake" and presents.  Happy Birthday!
She decided that her birthday present would be a trip to LA's Chamber Fest.  There was a bubble pit.

SM wandered around outside the pit, but had a good time too!

Thanks for taking us to the bubble pit on your birthday Mom!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Los Golodrinas

The Saturday prior to B's 27th birthday, we went to a living history museum in Santa Fe.  It is enclosed within a functioning ranch - El Rancho de Las Golodrinas - The Ranch of the Swallows.
We saw a sheep getting sheared!  The whole coat comes off in one piece - who knew?
We got to sit in an 1890s classroom...
We ground our own corn meal...
And then turned them into tortillas...

SM started off awake...

But ended up asleep...
Too bad...she missed the corn husk doll activity...
We had a great time and we even saw a nest of newly born swallows - how appropo.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Breaking News! SM speaks!

M's first word was banana.  JC's first words were Mama and Dada.  We all wondered what SM's first word would be.  And the answer is....

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

M's Spring Dance Recital

M recently had her spring dance recital.  Her closet is now reaching it's maximum level of fluffy dresses, even when she is wearing this one...
Video of her performance (most of it, that is) follows...
Of course, the kids' least favorite part is the trip to Sonic afterwards...
Don't let JC and SM's face fool you.  They are just too focused on consumption, right now to smile!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

M Finishes Kindergarten - Awarded a Kinderegg

I, M, am no longer a Kindergartener.  I am a first grader.  My dad says he doesn't remember his Kindergarten teacher's name.  That made me sad - would I remember anything from Kindergarten?  Maybe my dad was wrong, because I am pretty sure his Kindergarten graduation did not consist of this...
 Am I going to run into that?  You betcha!
I got to ride like the wind!
Maybe I will remember my Kindergarten teacher after all!
Thanks Mrs. S and thanks firefighters!