Sunday, August 29, 2010

M's First Day of School...Year 2

Hi there!  I, M, have started my second year of my formal preschool education.  The following are a few of pictures of myself and my brother, JC, at my orientation.  Here we are working on a puzzle together...

We also played with the fruit and toys...
What is the weather like in Ohio?  Why, it's sunny with a chance of M...!
Our first Friday was spirit day.  I "buckeyed" the trend and went as a Hokie!
My school is great, but it looks like I won't be there for long.  Check back next time for an update on my brother and I's future whereabouts!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Summer Update

School is out and board games can help pass the day.  Some people play the board game Risk for fun.  Risk is called the game of world domination.  I prefer to team up with my sister and play a game called my parents' bed domination.  We are undefeated so far....

Although the days are longer, some things get shorter.  Can you see what got shorter in this picture?

Yes! Our chair finally broke after six years of service.  The back leg split wide open.  Can you believe it?  Oh and I got a hair cut, too...
Am I going to miss my old hair?  My answer lies below...

Friday, August 13, 2010

Ohio State Fair O-Ten

Hullo there from the Ohio State Fair!  Here we are pictured with the wrong end of a cow!  No worries - it's a butter cow.  The glass is to protect those who are lactose intolerant.

I, M, was ecstatic to ride the rides.  However, I was only 41.5", a half inch too short to ride alone.  Luckily my dad was there.  Together we averaged out to a height that allowed us to ride the Helicopter Spin-o-rama!

What a dull ride!  It did not go up.  It did not go down.  Midway through I asked my dad why we wore seat belts.  He said he did not know.  Time for something more the Crazy Plane!

Heights were in vogue, but I wanted something more exciting.  Perhaps some water bumper boats?  Being the only aggressive driver lead to a lot of dirty looks from other I flashed them this grin!

Finally, I decided to go for it.  We hopped on a roller coaster!  Wee-haa!  I had my arms up the whole way---and to top it off, the rain had just started so we got to ride it twice without stopping as the employees rushed to save their speaker system.  No pictures, of course because my dad was screaming and grabbing the hand holds.  He wore his yellow VCU shirt, so at least he did not falsely advertise!  In related news, I'm looking for a roller coaster riding partner!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Charles Edward Cheese

My Aunt S had a birthday approximately two months ago.  To celebrate, we went to Charles Edward Cheese's House of Fun approximately two months ago.  In related news, never get your photographs developed at the CVS on Main.  The problem, of course, is how to get to Virginia to help celebrate?
First, I tried the gigantic lego man who lived down the street.  He refused.

So I used some horsepower, instead! 

Made it!  Here is a picture of the birthday girl looking wistfully into the distance as the three cheese mixture inspires mental poetry.  Little JC thinks she took more than her fair share!

JC quickly got over the slight and Summer and him threw some footballs...

We soon grew tired of all the pizza and fun.  So we strapped ourselves into something that required little to no effort!

Thanks for the party!