Saturday, March 24, 2012

Denver Delivers De Wedding!

Load up Minnie - We are taking a trip downhill to Denver! Unbelievably, this trip coincided with Denver's "Peyton Watch".  And, even more unbelievably, I, M, was consigned to the back seat again.  Kindergarten Star of the Week just doesn't mean what it used to mean...
Who was getting married?  B's cousin, that's who!  Here he is with his new bride...
And here is my family.  That's weird - my dad looks taller than my beautiful momma in this picture.  Must be his tie.
After the ceremony we went to the reception.  Everyone loved it.  SM is having a bad reaction to the dessert being taken away.
We dumped my dad at the airport and then the fun began!  After the wedding I got to read a book to my Great Grandma...

I got my hair braided by my two great Aunts - not Great Aunts!
We went to the mint.  The "D" on your quarter doesn't mean Delaware.  That place shouldn't even count as a state (and a majority of my readers agree!).
The mint probably would have been a metallurgist's dream.  Too bad my dad was in the Magic Kingdom.  We ate at a place called Casa Bonita.  It has to be better than La Isla Bonita, right?  Wrong!  Equally dreadful.  We supposedly paid for the entertainment.  Which consisted of my brother, JC, dancing...
We looked for my dad on the river as he said he was now on the Amazon.  But no luck.  As Belinda Carlisle once said, "Ooh Heaven is a Place on Earth".  We headed back uphill, towards Heaven, and the LOE.  What's next...probably making "Circles in the Sand" (2nd gratuitous Belinda reference).  Some things are forever, indeed!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Welcome to Virginia (Bienvenido a Virginia) - SM Version

In order to properly enjoy a Rocky Mountain highhhhhh, you need to go to the lowlands once in a while.  To the land of Powhatan!  {And, perhaps more importantly, to the land where donuts rise!}

The chocolate donut munchkins were so good, that SM started to REALLY walk while in VA.  This is the second kid in a row who has learned to walk while away from their dad!

 I got to see Gram, who still held me despite my increased mobility!

This dog sings "Ring of Fire" by Johnny Cash while the ears dance.  Needless to say, this was my favorite toy, and JC's too!

Finally, the C Clan main base in NoVA is the ultimate eating place.  Look all three food groups are omnipresent on the dining room table - Fudge Stripe Cookies, Girl Scout Samoas, and Bananas!
It was nice to visit Gram and Pops and Aunt J.  Thanks for having us!  Due to technical errors, we will not be able to display the second half of the trip until a later date!  Sorry.

Friday, March 2, 2012

M and Her Father

My beautiful momma, forwent her trip to Belize this month in lieu of a trip to a place even more exotic - Virginia!  My dad and I stuck around the LOE making sure it stayed enchanted while she, JC, and SM visited the EST.  The first thing we did was to visit the Big Rock Bowling Center.  It was my first experience at a real bowling alley.  Here I am trying to catch a spare!

It was President's day at 10 AM.  We had the place to ourselves, which was a good thing - few people can project such disappointment in themselves during their first go-around with something like I can.  I missed the spare and the shoe guy definitely heard about it!

I won both games.  My dad bowled left handed while trying to spin the ball.  Or so he says...(he also thinks he can sing...)

We spent the rest of the week reading Mary Poppins.  Guess what!  She was terribly grouchy in her literary version.  Julie Andrews did some good work.  On Saturday we went to hike Tsankawi.  We got to use our free National Park Pass that was set to expire soon.  Gram purchased it for us last year when she came to see her new grandbaby, SM.  Now she's with SM, and we are hiking!  Trees take a long time to grow here.  This one we saw early in the hike is ten years old!

We kept climbing higher and higher (Jackie Wilson reference).  Soon we made it to the top of a mesa where the Tsankawi Pueblo had been.  We could see more than seventy miles in all directions except to the west.  It was wonderful.  Here is M enjoying the view...
Later that day we saw a live performance of Mulan that left us both atwitter (seriously check out our accounts!) with praise.  It was a great week with my dad.  My beautiful momma, thanks to this post, now knows what she's missing!