Sunday, October 28, 2007

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Actually, I can feed myself thank you very much

Welcome to my blog! Everyone is welcome ---even Toby!

After what felt like decades, I can finally feed myself. Now I can give myself bites however big I want! Yum! Yogurt!
The downside is I get full faster. Ugh---too much yogurt.
Moving on to stew! Behind me is our butler who picks up everything that gets lost on the way to my mouth. As you can see...I hit for a better average than the Orioles version of Sammy Sosa.
After stew comes a cheeseburger. I felt that this picture was not flattering because my paunch is so visible. But in an effort to bring my reality to my readers, ala Tori and Dean, I allowed this picture to be posted.
Not only can I now walk around with cheeseburger in one hand, but I can also walk around with a sippy cup in the other. Two fisting!
Smiling big for the camera---saying "Cheese...burger!"

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Good Joke?

Hey M! I've got a joke for you!

What would you call a cat on the beach in December?

Sandy Claws! Hahaha!

Okay...maybe it wasn't a good one.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Columbus Day Weekend

My grandma and aunt from Virginia came to visit because they heard I could now walk. Also they were eager to spend Columbus Day at the spot Columbus landed on in 1492 -- Columbus, Ohio (or so my dad tells me anyway)! We all decided to go to COSI - a science museum to pass our Saturday.

Given that my Aunt S from Cedar City broke our camera on our last trip, we were without a photographical implement other than my grandma's camera. Using her camera we were able to capture some events which showed that I know how to do a lot more than just use power tools!

Or do dishes in the sink...
Or operate light switches....
Or use wheelbarrows...(Those fine legs in the background are none other than my Dad's! He got a lot of stares---I think people were jealous.)
In this shot below you can see my mom straining some vegatables for my lunch in the cafeteria portion of COSI.

COSI also provided comfortable beds for after lunch naps....

After all that showing off though, I needed to go home and have a snack...

And take a bath...

We sure had a super time and are very thankful for the use of someone else's camera---Thanks for visiting me Grandma K and Aunt J!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Fun with the Cousins

There has got to be a better way to motor around....right?

This tricycle isn't much better according to S.

This is moving! I think I want a Segway for Christmas now...

Sunday, October 7, 2007


I am trying out a video for the first time on my blog...please use the comment section to let me know if there are any compatibility issues or other problems viewing. My mom is a techno wizard and will get to work on those problems right away!

Utah 007!

After waking up too many times to this face, B decided to get M some lady lessons in order to improve her behavior. Here you can see R is doing her level best, but M is a tough customer and her ways won't be changed easily.

After blowing her last $30 on the plane tickets to get out there, B needed some quick cash. In the photo below, you can see that dumpster diving with her Aunt Wendy has paid off! B made off with a bag of table scraps from a Chinese Restaurant and Wendy was able to find a bottomless bowl that someone thought was worthless. The combined value of both items at the pawn shop was just over 36 cents --- more than enough for some high class lady lessons.
The first class M took was piano playing in order to improve her appreciation of world class music. She took to the ivories easily and in no time at all had composed her own "modern" take on the celebrated favorite "Michael, Row your boat ashore!"
After the piano lessons it was time for some lady-like conversation classes with the renowned Dr. H. M had a rougher time in this class. Her current phase of talking like a pirate has not yet reached its conclusion.
After a few more times with Dr. H, M was ready to put her lessons into action. Here she is pictured with a handsome man who was smitten with M's feminine charms. During the break between the first two hours of church they shared a meal of dry cheerios and water from a sippy cup. Whilst conversing they discovered that, in fact, they were related. After sharing a hearty laugh they posed for this photo -- M had not yet stopped laughing however. It looks as though B's lady lessons have paid off in Utah---will they continue to pay off once back in the Ohio? We shall see....