Saturday, July 21, 2007

International Day

Last year around Christmas time, Lin (from Dad's work) brought an outfit from China for M. Not two months ago it looked as though M might not wear it until age 2. But her unparalleled growth in the past few weeks has allowed her to fit into it with only a little room to spare. In the photo below, M looks at her new threads!

"Wait, there's pants too?!?"

Satisfied that she's fully dressed and thoroughly enjoying her first encounter with silk, M looks at the camera and gives her best smile!
In somewhat related news, while M was getting her outfit on for the first time, J was installing shelves from Linens and Things. P.S....Do not buy this shelving system despite it's awesome look. You can see in the photo below all the international artifacts B has collected. Starting in the bottom left and rotating clockwise is a love spoon from Wales, a mask from Italy, a Bahama Mama from the Bahamas, a photo book from Utah, and a mate from Uruguay. In the center portion on the lower shelf is an incense burner from Spain. Right above are coasters from Austrailia, and then, to the left is a mirror and vase from Korea. Finally, to finish it up on the top of the center shelf is a painting from Guatamala. So we have something from North, South, and Central America, the Carribean, Asia, and Europe. The shelf in the top left with nothing on it represents the spot left for the African continent.
Here is how the shelves look with the whole wall in view. M's new toy chest is on the lower right.

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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Happy Fourth

"What? Who could that be?"

"Oh it's you dad."
Despite her initial reaction, M did decide to come out and play. Here she has been photographed on her first experience with the slide. A fascinating concept for her. Later, we set up pins at the bottom but she was not in to "baby bowling".
Happy belated fourth of July from M!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Colonial Williamsburg

M's first summer vacation involved a trip to Williamsburg, VA. Proud of her birth country's heritage and convinced that Virginia is the greatest of all states, M asked to spend her July 4th week camped out with the British army sent to quell unrest in the thirteen colonies (the American houses were all full). Here our family is pictured in front of our tent that we spent the week in. The man in the background is headed towards the communal bathroom under the teepee. Despite the fact that the soldier in the tent next to us had loud parties every night we felt lucky because two rows over everyone got cholera.

M's grandmother can be seen talking to one of the new British soldiers (hence the green outfit). Asked to display some British humour, he kindly obligizes with a Fawlty Towers sketch- but the humour is lost on poor M. Unable to understand British comedy she falls sound asleep.

After being removed from the not so comic situation M shares a meal with her cousin. Her concerned face has to do with the fact that these were goldfish as opposed to gold whales. After confirming that the goldfish were as dolphin safe, if not more so, than the gold whales she happily munched the goldfish down.

After a full day exploring the town, M has fallen asleep in front of our tent. M performed quite well in the colonial conditions. We feel this is mostly because we were supposed to go without shoes and eat oatmeal twice a day.