Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day

What a winter. We have been having so much snow that we spend a lot of time shoveling it away. My brother JC doesn't help much but at least he has the sense to wear some gloves - unlike my dad.

Even though my dad doesn't wear gloves, he usually shovels out the entire half street and grassy areas. This way we can ride our bikes and restore my mom's sanity!

This Valentine's day, though, the snow has frozen to the point where my dad couldn't clear enough bike space. So we ended up baking treats instead. Here you can see my successful venture at recreating the Glazed Brownie Hearts from the 2010 Betty Crocker calendar.

Not to be outdone, my momma made us heart shaped chocalate chip pancakes with honey cinnamon syrup. They pack the sugar punch of two dozen Krispy Kreme donuts!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Don't be late!

I, M, come from a long line of librarians. In fact I am a third generation bibliothecary. Due to the loss of several books from the C family library, we instituted a check-out policy. Of course, some people think they are bigger than the law - like my dad. I was given the go-ahead to reclaim our books Repo-Man style. Since I am a girl, I chose to wear a pink cowboy hat instead of Emilio Estevez' ridiculous coif.

I don't always use a show of force (i.e. the uniform). Sometimes I hang out undercover and then...WHAM! I make it big. JC checked out "Maisie Goes to the Pool" more than a month ago. Watch as I lull him to sleep. He has no idea that the C Family Library System is about to collect....

Don't be overdue!