Monday, June 28, 2010

The Name of the Rose

Hello there! Columbus has one of the top ten rose gardens in the country. It's a garden with real roses and not a basketball arena where the Trailblazers play. One sunny day we decided to go and visit. Here we are all smiling because a bird the size of a small airplane just missed us with it's "fuel dump" and hit the sign instead! Can you imagine how much good luck we would have received if we were Italian?

Before attacking the fields of roses we had a picnic dinner. Here we are munching away on a variety of Italian pastas, ironically.

With our bellies full (is that a theme of our blog?) we went into the park.

My sister, M, enjoyed smelling the roses.

I, JC, being of shorter stature wanted to climb the wrought iron tower to look at the garden in full.

After so many pictures, I was getting tired of smiling. Here my dad promised us dessert if we smiled big for our sole picture with my beautiful momma. I was so sun-tired I didn't care, but you can see M was very interested in dessert.

Finally, the answer to the riddle in the title of this post? Why it's....

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Visitors from the frozen north

Hi there! Not too long ago, my friends B and S moved to Minnesota. Disgusted with the lack of sun to the north, they decided to fly south to Ohio. It turns out that they did not fly far enough south. We did many things with our friends despite the poor weather, but there was one thing we did where we ALSO remembered the camera -- the Bunny Fountains! Here we are taking in a pregame snack!

Now fully fueled, B and I and ran through the fountains!

I guess JC didn't eat enough because he didn't get too wet...

Why are they named the bunny fountains? The gigantic statues up at the top of this hill is one clue (and the only clue)...

After a long day (~2 hrs) of running up and down the hill and through the fountains, JC and I were pooped. We found a comfortable rock and slept until the next rain storm hit!

Thanks for visiting us B and S! We had a great time and wish our camera had been with us more often!