Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

Trick or treat! Before we went out to collect candy, we carved a pumpkin. We named him Ed the Pumpkinhead.

Then we got dressed up to go out. Here you can see us in our costumes.

Lo and behold! Who should show up but a new homeowner and her rowdy band. They quickly replaced one costume with another and Jack Bomb - my brother became a dinosaur! I often feel patriotic, but today when free candy rains down, I feel especially lucky to be an American. So I, M, have started the tradition of saying the Pledge of Allegiance before heading out. You can see Aunt JKC supported me.

We then commenced the trick or treating.

Soon, though, we both started to tire, so we made our way home to look at loot! Here I am with my first Pixie Stick!

Thanks for helping us trick or treat, Aunt JKC, Aunt K, and Uncle B.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

MNF and Pumpkin Festival Comparison

It isn't often that the Washington Redskins make primetime TV. Last night was JC and M's first opportunity to watch the Redskins on MNF with Dad. Here you can see JC is dressed up and ready to go.

After McNabb's TD toss on 3rd and 23, M meekly asked to go to bed. She asked, "What's the point?" Dad and JC had no response as seen below.

In other news, the first pumpkin festival M attended was so long ago that blogs were futuristic hypotheticals. Since our blog didn't exist then, here is a shot of M in front of the mural when she was less than a month old.

Here is a shot with Mom, JC, and M, three years later. Notice the completed mural!

Thanks Gram and Pops for the Redskins leisure wear!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Pumpkin Pumpkin

Hi there! Two weekends ago we made an attempt to visit a pumpkin patch. Before we went to the patch, we fueled up at the local Home Town Buffet for breakfast. Here you can see that Grandma and Grandpa E came up for a visit.

By the time my dad was finished at the buffet, dusk had settled in so we went to Kohl's instead. Our second attempt to secure a pumpkin came this past weekend when we went to Circleville for their annual, vaunted Pumpkin Festival. Here you can see us photographed near the painted mural commerating the pumpkin show. It is serious business in these parts.

Here is a shot of us in front of the pumpkin Christmas tree before we were offered a pumpkin shake...

And here is one after we were offered a pumpkin shake. Notice how JC leans in at the mere mention of food!

Finally, here is a shot with my dear mother. I, M, was lucky enough to visit the Pumpkin show on it's 100th anniversary a couple months after I was born. You can see here they are now at 103 years!

In the end, we could find no pumpkins at the show for sale that weren't already turned into shakes, pies, gyros, bologna, or chili. So we found one in a box at Meijer instead! Oh well!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Gram and Pops Visit

Before I get to this post I got a question for you - are you going to eat that?Gram and Pops came to visit about a week ago. Here is a picture of us with Gram...

And here is one with Pops. He was in mid-sneeze!

They brought Double Chocolate Fudge-rooni Cookies. Seconds later I was yelling and jumping on the table as my sister egged me on. Go JC, it's your birthday...

Finally, my dad graduated a few months ago but forgot to tell anyone. Here he reenacts his graduation at Gram's request. Pops is playing the Dean.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

M reads...

Here is a delightful bedtime story, as read by M, for all of her friends and relatives!

Who's hungry now?