Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Utah Summer Trip

A summer vacation trip to Utah was undertaken this year.  It involved three weeks of higher humidity and lower altitude.  On the plus side, we saved around $25K on hand lotion over the three weeks.  As a wise man once said, everyone in New Mexico is one truckload of hand lotion away from heading to Colorado.  This trip happened in the distant past (i.e. June and July).  The author was also absent for most of it so detail will be at a premium.

Balls were colored.

Shirts were tie-dyed.

Water park was visited.

4th of July Parade was attended.

Fireworks were observed.

Nickel arcade was inundated with nickels.

Pins were annihilated.

Water balloons were thrown.

Happy Summer!


Nollie said...

Ha ha! That makes me laugh that now Utah is humid compared to NM. As we bake in 96 degree weather with 90 % humidity I was just thinking about how nice Utah will feel when we head there next week. :)

Jaime said...

Been there done that! Had a marvelous time. Great memories to hold us over until next time. When are we going to do this Paris?

Lauren in GA said...

Awwww. Everyone is growing so much. It is so fun to see the cousins all together.

I am loving Jack and Jaime's red white and blue attire. You all know how to party.