Sunday, August 26, 2012

Happy Birthday Dad!

My dim-witted dad hit a round number with his birthday this year - thirty years.   Look its the mythical Birthday Omelette that Linus always said would come!
He got two new choices of outerwear.  Someone warn my dad that the thumbs up went out-of style along with gnarly, tubular, jams the shorts, and Vanilla Ice!
He also received a framed doctoral degree.  Maybe the thumbs-up is better after all, Dad.
And...and...and....well here's a picture of it anyways...Someone asked if his toilet was running.  He said yes and there he goes trying to catch it!
Aunt J, Uncle B, Aunt K, and Heavy D made the birthday extra special.  The cuteness quotient for this blog post has suffered greatly.  Here is a gratuitous shot of small members of the LOE C Clan...


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, little big brother!

Love, your sister

Lauren in GA said...

Happy, happy, birthday!!

What? Jams are out of style?

Katie and Robert said...

Happy Birthday, We loved being there with you. Can't wait for another visit!

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